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Dallas Clark

It's simple!

Clark is a wr playing TE

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Are you saying they cheat because they have a WR playing TE? Good for them. He is probably the BEST TE in the league. Give me him instead of Vernon any day.
Then Shannon Sharpe and Brent Jones weren't tight ends either. Brent Jones was not known at all for his blocking skills.
Originally posted by Reckless:
Yea, and Ray Lewis was a RB in High School.

He's a WR. Can't block for his life. Indy is 31st in Rush Offense. How is that a true Tight End?

Hey, guess what.. If you're listed as a TE, you're a damn TE.

Stop crying.

Vernon Davis didn't do much blocking this year, either.

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WTF are you guys talking about where are the ALl=Pro teams?
Originally posted by Reckless:

If I park in front of a Doctors Office and I'm there to lay carpet does that mean I can perform open heart surgery?

This is probably the worst analogy I have ever seen.

Someone who lays carpet obviously does NOTHING that a surgeon would do in terms of performing job duties.

A WR and TE, however, have the same overall duties. They are both expected to block, run routes and catch the football. Just because your idea of a traditional TE blocks more than a WR doesn't mean their overall job duties are completely different.

So how do you figure your analogy was in the least bit applicable?

Awful. Just awful.
Originally posted by Reckless:
I gotta finda new site...

By all means, buddy..

Oh and I think if Delanie Walker had a season like Dallas Clark and made the AP team over a traditional tight end, you wouldn't be b*tching right now. He can't block for sh*t either and is a WR who plays TE. That doesn't mean he isn't a real TE, but by your stupid argument against Clark, he wouldn't be.

I understand what you're trying to say about him lining up as the 3rd WR instead of lining up where a traditional TE would, but you fail to realize Vernon Davis also lined up on the outside quite a bit. You're also blowing the frequency of Clark being in the slot way out of proportion. If you watch any Colts games you'd know he does line up in the tradition TE spot. He may not stay in to block, but he does line up like a TE.

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WHERE ARE THE ALL-PRO TEAMS are they out yet?
Originally posted by valrod33:
Originally posted by PA9erFaithful:
Go buy an economy size pack of tampons and shut the f**k up.

i like this response better

Yeah same here, this guy is nuts. Clark was an elite TIGHT END coming out of college, picked in the 1st round (just happened to get drafted by the Colts), and has been beastin since he first joined the league.
Great thread, it's been very entertaining.

I get your point.

His badassness is what let's him function that way.

I use to feel the same way in the run and shoot hayday when slot guys like Andre rison were compared to flankers and splitends.

But hell why stop their let's b***h when tail backs like Gayle sayers are compared to half backs like emmit smith and single backs like Barry sanders
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