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TNF - Steelers -vs- Browns

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My friend bet $1400 to win 600 that the Steelers would win their divsion

does that mean if he won he would have got 600 and when he loses he gives away 1400

what a horrible bet. I just don't understand why people bet on the chalk like that, the risk vs reward is horrible

The best way to think about it. 1400 bet means 1400 is gone right out the gate

win = 2,000
loss = 0

anyway that is how I think about my bets
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Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
Originally posted by lamontb:
Steelers poor o line is rearing it's ugly head. big Ben holding on to the ball too long. The running game has fallen apart. Just can't drop back and pass every down and expect ti to keep working. Gotta get there balance back. And can the niners somehow get Josh Cribbs if they don't pay this dude.

Steelers o-line in pass blocking was actually very good. A lot of the sacks were coverage sacks where Ben just didn't know where to go with the football.

Run blocking was another issue..


True I think there bad run blocking leads to them over passing the ball and losing balance.

Yeah it surprised me to see often even Roflsburger was in the shotgun.

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