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What NFL Rule do you HATE

I didn't read through the thread but I am sure most of the ones I would say have been said already but did anyone mention getting rid of the 5 yard variety for face masks. Technically it isn't a rule but I don't like how it's 15 yards if you accidentally touch it and let go or grab it and try to break someone's neck.
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I like the excessive rule penalty

You like the excessive rule penalty?? It freaking sucks!!

I like it too. Act like men, and stop dancing. Dick Butkus wasn't dancing around like some princess when he did something he was supposed to do.

Dick Butkus never scored a touchdown..

however, your argument is skewed, as on the other side of the spectrum, Butkus was one of the highest advocates of the defensive version of excessive celebration...taunting, what he did in his day he would get 100 penalty yards a game had he played today...

Taunting isn't nearly the same as dancing like a fairy princess because you did what you were supposed to do. The defensive version of celebration is still dancing (Merriman).
all the rules to protect tom brady.
There is a couple of them that I hate:

The Brady rule is at the top of my list. Stupidist rule in the book. If Brady didn't get hurt there is no rule. Ask Carson Palmer about it.

Excessive Celebration is another one.So long as you are not taunting another player while celebrating whats wrong with it? lighten up!!!

Oh and we can't leave out the Tuck rule. can't stand that one.
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