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Week 7 Games thread

Originally posted by teeohh:
wow miami

For real... upset special in Miami.

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jamarcus russell benched
saints are getting their asses kicked,i had a feeling i should pick miami

saints d needs to step it up!!!!
Originally posted by battletowin:
jamarcus russell benched

for who?

bengals routing the bears, glad i changed my pick to the bengals last second
What a face plant by the raiders. All week they were getting nonstop love, especially from Greg Papa, and now this.
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24-17 Dolphins lead
Now we need the tards to lose
I dont think you are missing much. 45-3
i needed williams to get that td

Where the heck did this Miles Austin kid come from WOW!!
lets go new orleans defense!
Originally posted by teeohh:
lets go new orleans defense!

Anyone have a stream of that game? The cowboys game is on here.

"Mark Sanchez is hot dogging it -- actually eating a hot dog during the game! Doesn't get much more insulting than that."

from adam schefter twitter
John Carney still plays for the saints? I remember when he missed that PAT a few years back.
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