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Is hard-nosed football dead?

We've been trying to be a hard-nosed team every since Garcia and Owens left, and it's not working.

The best teams in the league seem to be finesse teams that score a lot of points. Here's a list of the best teams in the league:


Out of all those teams, I'd really only consider the Broncos to be a "hard-nosed" team that runs the ball and plays great defense. The Bears and Giants, maybe.

As for Super Bowl winners, the only hard-nosed teams to win the past 15-20 years were the Bucs and Ravens, and you might be able to throw the Steelers in there.

It just seems like the best teams in the league can put up 28+ points a game and can come back if they need to, rather than controlling the ball and trying to run all over a team. I understand what Singletary is trying to do, I just don't know if teams can win like that often in the league nowadays.
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The last two Super Bowl winners

2009 Pittsburgh Steelers
2008 New York Giants

What are you talking about?
yes hard nosed is dead.
the way the league protects QB's...... yeah. soon you're not gonna be allowed to play physical.
i dont even know what hard nosed means....isnt all of football hard nosed?
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