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Week 6 NFL games

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0-5 & the rams are playing for o.t... 20-20 bring on the coin flip

go jaguars!!!!

Jags are inside the rams 30...f.g range already...

Scobee's kick is up.... annnddd the rams are
Hauschka's kick is up and it's no good.....AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
the vikings have to be the luckiest team in the nfl.
how could you miss it you f**king idiot!!!! minnesota gets lucky twice
f**k the queens. That's two games that they should have lost!
More Brett Favre nutjocking to come.
F**king s**t
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Vikings insanely lucky
What's sad is that will go down as a 4th qtr comeback for favre...

Cards just scored, then Seahawks fumbled the kickoff at the 1.
Arz 7-0 already with the ball
Cards vs seahawks.....Let's go Injuries!!! Let's Go!!!
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C'mon Ravens.

I'm gonna be so if Favre gets another comeback victory.

Well, look at the bright side, they can show that throw to Sidney Rice for a while instead of the throw that beat us.

It's not so much's just that I love to see Favre on the sideline with the blank look on his face........

I just hate all the Favre nuthugging that goes on in the Media. Take the TD throw against us, the media never even gave the WR any credit for an amazing catch. It was all Brett Favre. Nobody else could've done that but Favre.
of course now the seacocks are going to choke.
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