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Being In Your Element-Mike Nolan

Ann Killion wrote a very good article about our former head coach...she didn't pull any punches, told it like it was. While he wasn't a good head coach for us, he's doing great things with Denver's defense. There are others, Dom Capers, who had a shot at head coach, but are back in their element as DC's. Dick Jauron's another guy...not so great as a head coach, but an excellent DC. Same thing can be said for Wade Phillips...recognized as one of the best DC's ('Bolts' defense hasn't been the same since he left), but only a so-so head coach. My hope is Coach Singletary won't be like them...that he'll learn on-the-job and hire & trust coordinators he can depend on. Jury's out on Jimmy Raye...he needs to step up his play-calling, for sure. Singletary has to demand better from him.
Well he wasn't the best DC out there prior to HC'ing the 49ers. I mean how can you not coach a great defense with players like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. He has Champ Bailey in Denver.

But we'll give him his due. I remember in 2006/07 when Billy Davis wasn't cutting it and he took over the defense duties and we improved drastically and whatever happened to Brandon Moore.
and he's working with some injuries to his defense.

Good on Nolan.


He's a defensive genius , but as a people a
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I think Nolan could have been, and still may be, at good head coach if he wasn't given as much responsibilities that he had with the 49ers.

It was stupid for the Yorks to give a DC that much control as a HC/GM type role.
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