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Caption This! (Braylon Edwards)

Originally posted by TlSSER:

Oh baby the warm piss running down your pant leg feels so nice when I rub up against with my leg in this cold weather.

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Originally posted by TlSSER:

"Don't worry you won't be able to catch the ball in NY either."
Please give my regrets to Tony Soprano and his crew, Tell them that I am sending you to them as act of absolution, Kind of like the arrangenment with Florio. Maybe this and Sanchez deal will get me back in their good graces. By the way, Tony's daughter is really hot. You ought to look her up.

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Originally posted by TlSSER:

MAngini: "I'm sorry but this relationship is not working out. You're gonna have to leave. I've put your things in a box and left it by the door"

Edwards:"Fine.Its not me its you! Lets see how you like it when I'm with your Ex(team)"
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