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Worst Recent 1st Round QB

Worst Recent 1st Round QB

I hate Russel. The idiot has no respect for the game.
Russell, Leinart, Smith, Losman
Originally posted by blunt_probe:
I hate Russel. The idiot has no respect for the game.

Yeah, he is starting to look like a real piece of s**t. At least Alex and the rest of these guy gave a f**k and gave it their best effort.
Russell and it's not even close.
Based on all his hype

M. Leinart
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Without a doubt it's Jamarcus. 300 lb quarterback who can't throw a 5 yard out accurately.

How can anyone not say it's Jamarcus??

All you have to do is watch the "highlights" of his last game.



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I realize this thread is just a chance for Alex haters to express some hate now that he is not playing. However, Smith has achieved a far better record than any of the other guys in that list. He doesn't even deserve to be mentioned with those guys. Of course that probably doesn't matter.
Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
How can anyone pick Smith over Russel?

At least one has the desire and the work ethic to be a good football player.


How can anyone be picked over Russell?

Russell (by far)
Leinart (he had by the best opportunity to succeed. Probably than any recent QB in the last 10 or so years, not to mention the hype. If he couldn't get in done in AZ, it makes me wonder what would've happened in SF if he came out in 2005).

JaMarcus Russell by a pretty large margin.
No Ryan Leaf?
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