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Feedback for NFL site required

Hi all

As some of you may know I'm a big 49ers fan from the UK and myself and some fellow NFL fans do some part time writing for an NFL site.

We'd quite like to hear some of your feedback for various articles if you can spare a few minutes to take a look through the site?

The site address is :
My name is Brian Davis so you should be able to find my stuff easy enough, also known as Dangerous Brian (long story LOL!) so am refereed to as Dang as well on there, so you'll see a few Dang and Doc articles.

As I mentioned earlier, predominantly we're looking for feedback, ideas and people to generally read really, so would really like if you could spend some time looking.

hopefully now the season is here we'll generate some interest.

We already have Mark Clayton, Randy Cross and Wendell Tyler as fans of the site on our Facebook page! :)

Link below. We're also on Twitter if you fancy following.

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Looks a bit like an outdated porn site.

I think the site can be improved on if you use updated, modern, layouts that is pleasing to the eye.
nice content, might like GEEK said a redesign.

u seriously have Colt McCoy ranked that low in the early 60's?
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