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Post Your 2009 Predictions

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Originally posted by krizay:
Packers and Patriots in the super bowl

who is the winner?
Originally posted by Schulzy:
AFC East
1. New England (12-4) - Brady adds to an already loaded
2. Miami (8-8) - Fins take a step back but still compete for WC
3. New York (7-9) - Jets stay competitive, but rookie QB, coach and shaky WRs not a good mix
4. Buffalo (5-11) - OC problems sign of bad things to come.

AFC North
1. Pittsburgh (11-5) - Hard to not like the defending champs with that schedule
2. Baltimore (11-5)* - Flacco takes big jump in year 2
3. Cincinnati (6-10) - Good defensive additions, but shaky running game and OL are question marks.
4. Cleveland (4-12) - Mangini and co. brought in some nice additions, but still too many questions on offense for CLE to compete

AFC South
1. Tennessee (12-4) - Haynesworth blow softened by tremendous DL depth. Fantastic OL and RBs good combination for game manager in Collins.
2. Houston (9-7)* - Take a leap into the postseason this year, provided Schaub can stay healthy. Expect another big year from A. Johnson, M. Williams.
3. Indianapolis (9-7) - Colts take step back this year with new coach and shaky OL. Last year's 12-4 record somewhat deceiving due to some gift victories (Houston anybody?)
4. Jacksonville (4-12) - Jags have been jettisoning good players left and right. Hard to see much good coming here in a tough division.

AFC West
1. San Diego (13-3) - Hard to see SD being challenged for division crown. If they don't read the press clippings too much, watch out.
2. Denver (6-10) - Had to pick someone for 2nd. Can't see Broncos challenging for playoffs with questions about Orton's hand and a change to 3-4, to go along with the Marshall mess.
3. Kansas City (6-10) - Had them as a potential sleeper until the OC firings and Cassell's injury concerns. Still like their direction, though.
4. Oakland (5-11) - They're a mess. The Seymour trade just reiterates that (again).

NFC East
1. Philadelphia (11-5) - Offensive skill coming out of their ass (McNabb, Westbrook, McCoy, Jackson, Maclin, etc.). Edge out NYG for division
2. New York (11-5)* - Big question marks at WR, OL depth. Injuries are also a concern (DL, can Jacobs stay healthy all year). Still got great talent in the trenches.
3. Dallas (9-7) - As talented as they come, but still can't shake December troubles.
4. Washington (7-9) - Can see them competing for WC with soft schedule, but don't trust the QB.

NFC North
1. Green Bay (11-5) - Best 6-10 team I saw in a long while. Still was in the + in point differential. Rodgers is a fantastic QB.
2. Minnesota (10-6)* - 10-6 with Favre, 10-6 team without Favre. Peterson and defense will carry this team.
3. Chicago (9-7) - Good team but seeing them fall just short of POs. Don't like the WR group for Cutler. Defense is overrated.
4. Detroit (4-12) - 4 wins is a start for this bunch.

NFC South
1. New Orleans (10-6) - The last place finisher the previous year has made the playoffs the next year every year in the South (all except '08 ATL won the division). Will happen again.
2. Atlanta (9-7) - See Miami. Love Ryan, but D is still a concern.
3. Carolina (7-9) - Panthers seem to be an "every other year team". Just a hunch it happens again.
4. Tampa Bay (4-12) - New coach, new D philosophy, new QB. New everything basically.

NFC West
1. San Francisco (9-7) - Sort of a homer pick. Similar roster to last year, but ridding themselves of Nolan and JT O'Turnover can't hurt.
2. Arizona (8-8) - SB loser seems to always miss the playoffs, sans '07 Seattle. Trend occurs again.
3. Seattle (7-9) - I see them competing, but too many concerns (OL, RB, DB) hold Hasselbeck and the passing game back.
4. St. Louis (3-13) - See Detroit.

AFC Playoffs

Wild Card Playoffs
(3) New England over (6) Houston
(5) Baltimore over (4) Pittsburgh

Divisional Playoffs
(1) San Diego over (5) Baltimore
(3) New England over (2) Tennessee

Conference Championship
(1) San Diego over (3) New England

NFC Playoffs

Wild Card Playoffs
(6) Minnesota over (3) New Orleans
(5) New York over (4) San Francisco

Divisional Playoffs
(1) Philadelphia over (6) Minnesota
(2) Green Bay over (5) New York

Conference Championship
(2) Green Bay over (1) Philadelphia

Super Bowl XLIII
San Diego over Green Bay

SB MVP: Philip Rivers, SD
League MVP: Aaron Rodgers, GB
Off. POY: Andre Johnson, Hou
Def. POY: Ed Reed, Bal
Off. ROY: Jeremy Maclin, Phi
Def. ROY: Aaron Curry, Sea
Comback POY: Tom Brady, NE
Coach: Mike Singletary, SF

Great post man, you put a lot of work into that. Pretty much what I would put if I did descriptions with mine.
Originally posted by krizay:
So let's take away everyone's bye weeks for a sec shall we.

16 games per week. times 16 weeks = 256 games in a NFL season.

You only have 249 losses accounted for.

Yes i'm that bored!

I'm close enough for just going off the top of my head. I should check the projections of people that get paid to do it and see if they have the right amount of wins and losses. I could go through each game and get an exact win loss for each but off the top of my head that's not too far off.
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I didn't coin it, but I liked this one:

"The Patriots will become the first NFL team to crack 900-plus combined points for and against in one season. I have one word for this Pats season: "Over."

AFC East:

1.New England Patriots: 11-5
2.Miami Dolphins: 8-8
3.New York Jets: 7-9
4.Buffalo Bills: 6-10

AFC South:
1.Houston Texans: 10-6
2.Indianapolis Colts: 9-7
3.Tennessee Titans: 8-8
4.Jacksonville Jaguars: 6-10

AFC North:
1.Pittsburgh Steelers: 12-4
2.Baltimore Ravens: 9-7
3.Cincinnati Bengals: 8-8
4.Cleveland Browns: 7-9

AFC West:
1.San Diego Chargers: 13-3
2.Kansas City Chiefs: 5-11
3.Denver Broncos: 5-11
4.Oakland Raiders: 3-13

NFC East:
1.New York Giants: 11-5
2.Dallas Cowboys: 10-6
3.Washington Redskins: 9-7
4.Philadelphia Eagles: 8-8 (There defense is going to be in trouble without Jim Johnson and losing Brian Dawkins and Stewart Bradley)

NFC South:
1.New Orleans Saints: 10-6
2.Atlanta Falcons: 10-6
3.Carolina Panthers: 7-9
4.Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 3-13

NFC North:
1.Minnesota Vikings: 11-5
2.Chicago Bears: 10-6
3.Green Bay Packers: 10-6
4.Detroit Lions: 3-13

NFC West:
1.Arizona Cardinals: 10-6
2.Seattle Seahawks: 9-7
3.San Francisco 49ers: 8-8
4.St.Louis Rams: 4-12

AFC Championship Game: Pittsburgh Steelers over San Diego Chargers

NFC Championship Game: New York Giants over Minnesota Vikings

SuperBowl: New York Giants over Pittsburgh Steelers

1. Dallas Cowboys 13-3
2. Minnesota Vikings 12-4
3. Arizona Cardinals 11-5
4. Green Bay 11-5
5. New York Giants 11-5
6. Atlanta 10-6

*9ers go 9-7, losing 2 games by missed fg attempts; Nedney fired at season's end!*


1. Tennessee 12-4 (yeah so I'm picking Titans tonight)
2. Pittsburgh 12-4
3. Indianapolis 11-5
4. Miami 10-6
5. New England 10-6
6. Baltimore 9-7

NFC Championship:

Arizona vs. Green Bay

AFC Championship:

Tennessee vs. Indianapolis


Tennessee over Green Bay

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I think the Titans win 10+ games, right now it does not look like they miss Haynesworth and Jason Jones looks like a beast.
Man, Texans might be the most disappointing team today along with the Panthers. I might move the Panthers to 7-9, move the Jets up to 7-9 and move the Bengals down to 6-10. Texans play like that they aren't getting 10 wins, maybe 6-7. Either way the Titans win that division. Colts don't look good enough to beat them and Gonzalez out a for 2-6 weeks doesn't help.
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