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I think our division will be much tougher this year (the seahawks are back)....so 6-10 is possible. I think we'll go 8-8. I think the Bears are a superbowl caliber team....I mean Rex Grossman lead these guys to the superbowl, granted there defense was much better but they now have a QB that will convert 3rd downs, so they can rest up.

Bears look down right scary to me....the NFC north period is a pretty strong division. I can't wait for the season to start.....

Don't know about the Seachickens being back. Not being a homer here, I follow them very closely...record everything and watch it all again, follow the stats etc.

I think they may even finish behind the lambs, last place.

The Seahawks are seemingly held together by a thread. Their whole team is made of glass like Jonas Jennings. If they get through the entire season uninjured, they will be very competitive, but I don't see that happening.

Their line is already pretty banged up, and Hasslebeck isnt getting any younger, so there is a good chance he could miss more time. I can see both teams (SF and SEA) competing for the division, but I can also see both with 2 top 10 picks each. They have Denver's 1st and we have Carolina's. This division is still AZ's until someone knocks them off.

Some stats from the Seackucks this year, and their rankings:

Rushing, ranked 26th overall:

0 TD, 32nd
2.9 yds avg, 31st
10.6 1st%, 32nd
10 1st downs, 29th

My take after watching them: They can't run the ball and they aren't really going to try other than to help the passing. They are going to have a general strategy of trying to get out to an early lead and making teams play from behind. I don't think they will be able to do it, they just seem to have too many negatives going against them....the o-line can't block for s**t, no run game, they are going to be in third and longs a lot and not a lot of first downs...I don't see long clock consuming drives, the D is going to be on the field a lot (again), tatupu has been looking like s**t, Trufant is out, the runt Jennings is going to be overpowered as usual, Curry is not JP and probably won't be this year, they are probably going to miss Rocky Bernard (KC blew the d line off the line 3 yards a pop, ran inside, ran out), Kearney is a question mark.

The way I see it, this team is planning on jumping out to an early lead and holding on for dear life the rest of the game. They suck bad at running that ball, real bad.