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Maybin Signed

You see what you're making me do Crabs. I hate you!
Unfortunately, I don't think this means Crabtree is any closer to signing. I could see Scot pointing out that the guys in front & behind him are signed as a way of narrowing the contract range, but unless Crabs drops his demand to be paid more than his slot, it won't matter.
Maybe that effin greed bucket, Crab Grabs, will finally see the writing on the wall? I still believe he and Parker made a grave startegic error in not having Crabtree do some image damage control to acknowledge the fans' and hopefully his own desires to get on the field. And please, no more compliments on Parker's skills as an agent and negotiator. He may be the best friggin agent on the planet and may ultimately get Crabs a couple more mill, but he and his client are still a$$e$ in my book and it's going to take some superlative play on his part to win back alot of fans!
Originally posted by 49ersMyLife:
Crabtree's agent just needs to accept defeat and sign already. Niners aren't going to give him more money (per year) than B.J. Raji. Crabtree needs to tell his agent to get the deal done or fire the agent.

Dude...Crabtree has all the control, not his agent. Its Crabs, his family and all those dumb @ss people surrounding him.
I blame the Raiders.
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Hell, even Schefter thinks Smith signs before crabtree

Most popular tweeted question: which deal gets done first, Smith or Crabtree? Well, would you rather have the flu or mono? I'll say...Smith.
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I'm thinking maybe he just doesn't want to be in camp? There's really no other reason not to sign, he has to know they aren't breaking the slot system, especially now that everyone esle is pretty much signed. I'm wondering if this foot problem isn't worse than let on.
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