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Did Chad Ochocinco kick an extra point? (Bengals@Pats)

Wow..................Looked pretty natural to him.
that is just flat out awesome
LOL good stuff.

Even if you're not a fan of his actions, you still gotta smile.

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Originally posted by zozell:

LOL He got a leg... booted the f**k out the kickoff

Awesome video. I really enjoyed it.
The kick-off is what impressed me more lol
Originally posted by King49er:
The kick-off is what impressed me more lol

Just slightly short, but it would be nice to know that you have that ability on your team for an emergency situation. Once again, just plain awesome.
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Ocho is loco but he has coconut sized balls. Imagine if he had missed that PAT attempt by a mile. The whole world would've laughed at him for years. Great stuff and I respect him a little now...
chad is a good guy, people can say he's crazy but i think he's just a fun loving guy. im a fan
This guy is just infections....

This guy makes the NFL better.....
Is HBO still filming them? If they are that is probably the reason Ocho got to showboat. What a circus they have in Cincinnati. Makes me kind of feel sorry for Carson Palmer.

What's funny is he always hits up the McDonald's drive-thru everyday before practice.

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