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Does anyone actually like Jamie Dukes?

  • the_woad
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I can't stand this guy. Whenever he voices his opinion I generally assume the opposite to be true. Am I the only one?

I like him
Dukes seems like a pretty cool guy to me. Why hate on the man?
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maybe his mamma
Originally posted by Esco:
maybe his mamma

She's probably the only one.
Guys an Idiot.
Anyone seen the 2 girls/1 cup clip? Well, Dukes was the stuff in the cup.
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can't stand that guy

I hate this guy too, the sad part is he thinks he knows what the fk hes talkin about when he talks, hes such a homer
I hate him
Rude as mofo always cuts in will someone is talking as if his opinion is relevant I don't like him.
I liked him when he was on the Atlanta sports am show on 680 the Fan...then he got big time on LA. Now his opinion is s**t. Well it really wasnt that great anyways, but now its terrible.
i dont like him that much, whenever he thinks he says something funny or clever he looks like hes really trying to force it and it ends up making him not funny or clever. i did agree with what he said about crabtree the otherday when smith was on total access
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