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A look at how Terrell Owens sees T.O.

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hell no. the guy is a douche and not a team player. guys like steve, jerry, joe, ronnie, by, hanks, those guys are forever 9ers. heck maybe even garcia and guys like that. to didnt have the class or heart to be a 9er forever.

look we here at the webzone have been over this a thousand times.....if some of you will act like Jerry Rice (my favorite player of all time) was a saint his whole career with our team, then I don't know what to tell ya....

T.O. is going to be a 1st ballot Hall of Famer... he will go down as the #2 (or #3 depends on Moss) WR of all time stat it TDs or what ever.

Jeff Garcia will not make the HOF.....Tony Romo will not make the HOF......Donovan McNabb will not make the HOF

you can say T.O. is a horrible teammate all you want....but I go based off facts.... there have been WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more current NFL players that have played with him....that have DEFENDED T.O. and said he is a good teammate more so than ones that have said he was a horrible it in San Francisco....or Philli.....or Dallas

He is a hard worker and leads by example and motivates his teamates to compete at his level.

Jeff Garcia was playing HORRIBLE his last couple of years here that Rattay came in and played better than him....with the same team.

McNabb played horrible in the SuperBowl as well as much so that the Eagles drafted a QB with their #1 pick.

Romo single handily has cost Dallas to lose a playoff game....and also games that prevent Dallas from making the playoffs like that horrible game he played against the Eagles last year when he was trying to force passes to Whitten.

T.O. just tells it like it is.....most people who hate T.O. are folks who like to be in denial about things (kinda like blind Alex fans)....they don't like to be told the truth.

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Problem with TO is that his publicists are drama queens themselves. He needs professional to help him clean up his image.
He even lost his Fiancee a couple years ago, had an overdose, and is now rotting in Buffalo.

Things have been rough for Terrell Eldorado Owens.

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This guy is irrelevant in my eyes.
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TO is the f**king man!
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