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Ex-49ers playing in Canada

I woke up this morning, was bored (happy 4th of July to everyone btw) I went through a players directory from Came across some ex-49er players that caught my eye. I do realize some of them are trash, but here the list anyway.

cody "cowboy" Pickett Toronto
Dwaine Carpenter Calgary (he had a fumble return for a TD on ESPN sunday football vs. bears in 2004, mostly special teams player)
Renauld Williams LB Saskatchewan (special teams player earlier this decade)
Walter Curry DT Toronto (he was on the roster briefly last year)
Jamal Robertson RB Toronto (back-up from 02-04, used a bit on special teams returner)
Arkee Whitlock RB Edmonton (pre-season running back in 2007)
Arland Bruce III WR Toronto (pre-season WR in 2000, maybe practice squad player, I remeber seeing him play in the pre-season)
Willie Middlebrooks CB Toronto (came via trade from Denver in 2005, never did much that i could remember)
Cornelius Anthony LB free agent (played special team and back-up earlier part of this decade)
Derrick Hamilton WR free agent (lol, huge bust, cant even hang on to a team in the CFL)
Pickett had heart and speed.

Th.....that......that was pretty much it.
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I remember them....
Well, we got Klaus Wilmsmeyer from Canada so I say that makes us even.
Derrick Hamilton had a wicked YouTube video...

Ok... he's a bust
CFL gave us Jeff Garcia too. More like Bill Walsh found him, that being said, Garcia was the last CFL player that has made some big impact on the NFL
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