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Vince Young for Alex Smith Trade Rumour!

Originally posted by BrianUKNiner: Unconfirmed RUMOR. One of my guys is hearing talk of a Vince Young for Alex Smith deal being discussed. That would be a great discussion if it were to happen. Again, please don't take this for anything more than it is at this point - a RUMOR. But I've always operated this thing on the "you'll know what I know" line of thinking. So I'm passing along what I'm hearing. Take it for what it's worth and keep an eye out.

I think the folks at Footballguys. com may have had a bit to much to drink.

No way we let Alex go for Vince, no way.
HELL NO!!!!!!!!
WTF would we want to trade Smith for Young for?Young is a lot farther from being a franchise qb than Smith.I laughed my ass off when the Titans picked Young,another over hyped run-first college Qb that will likely never amount to anything.Having him would be like having Smith with a less accurate arm and less experience...those guys need to put down the crack pipe and let the real journalists do the work.For you guys that are claiming that he lead his team to the playoffs,it wasn't him,it was the defense,he is a horrible QB and would set this franchise back years,what we have is already better than him,at least our guys want to play and do not whine when they get taken out because they are sucking.Vince Young=crybaby.

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This is the most disgusting trade I've ever heard of in my life. It's so disgusting that I'd rather keep Alex.

What the heck is anyway?

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His contract is too big, especially with Alex's new cheap deal, so we shouldn't want this to happen.
As much as I don't like Vince Young, it's amusing for me to sit back and see all of the people afraid of losing Smith, when every other time most people are talking about how awful he is. Since when did he become a coveted prize?

Back on topic though, I think Alex has more upside. Even though he's been in the NFL for a few years now, I still feel like he's young and has the potential to prove his critics wrong. I don't think it's likely, but the upside's still there. Vince's mental instability is also a pretty big concern.
Originally posted by cNiner:
mental with ability vs potinial not reached !


do we really want to spend that much money on a cry baby that has his mom speak for him!!!

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Originally posted by dobophile:
I think Vince Young would be happy to play for the 49ers.

Is Vince looking at someone's cock?
What the hell is this? A worthless rumor made up on a facebook page? This is never gonna happen... you can do this debate with any made up players. "I heard Leinart might be traded for Smith." Of course this idiotic trade won't happen... VY has a whole bunch of issues outside of football.
why would the Titans do that?

well I guess I could see their supposed motivation. Alex is more idealistic as a backup I suppose

dumbest rumor!
No reason to get him, and Coach Sing already said we won't.
I would make that trade straight up in a heart beat, one is a big time college QB from a big time program with a National Championship ring as well as a rookie of the year award and a playoff season under his belt.

VY is sitting behind a Veteran QB that has been very successful in the league in Collins (SB starter, pro bowls, division titles, etc).

The other is a bust from day one, former #1 overall pick that is sitting behing J. Hill & JTO type of players. Never done anything specail in his lifetime football carreer besides hand the ball off to Reggie Bush in High School. He played in the Mountain West very own Utah, and his carreer highlight is that he beat the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle .

Just keeping it real!
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