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What's your ideal scenario for rounds 2 & 3?

34 - traded to Oakland for their 42 this year plus 2nd or 3rd in 2014. Oakland jumps Philly for Geno Smith. Matt Flynn loses job to rookie again.

42 - John Jenkins : I love the athleticism from the big guy, fills the hole left by Soap.

61 - BPA or trade away for future picks
I hope we trade down 10-15 spots, pick up another 3rd, and then use that pick along with some of the late round picks to trade back into the 2nd. That would give us 3 picks in the second round. DO IT

Tank Carradine
Zach Ertz
Tyrann Mathieu
Tank Carradine
Gavin Escobar
Jordan Poyer
Tank, then Escobar
I hope we can trade #34 for a 1st in 2014!

We would still have picks to trade up in the 2nd if we wanted to.
Ideal? Trade our 4th, 5th, and 6th rounders for a high 3rd, then:

Tank Carradine - pass rusher, Justin Smith heir
Travis Kelce - playmaker TE with good blocking skills
Da'Rick Rogers - most talented WR in the draft
B.W. Webb - fast slot CB
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Looks like the Jets are looking to trade up in the 2nd round. They're at 39. Could be a possible trade partner. Problem is, Philly at 35 are said to want Ertz, too. So, if we want Ertz we're going to have to take him at 34.
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I would like us to package some of our pick 4th-7th rounders to get back into the 2nd or 3rd round. We don't have much room on the team for all of these picks nor money. Highly unlikely though.
Must address DL and i would then prefer a CB next. Speed is key with the CB.

Center and/or Tackle in the 4th.
5th go TE and maybe even best kicker!!!

There is no way we should finish this draft without additional picks in next years draft.
I get drunk on whiskey while destroying some taquitos. Thanks for asking.

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as of RIGHT NOW MY ideal situation would be...

34. Woods/Allen
61. Mathieu
93. Jordan Reed


34. justin hunter
61. Robert Alford
93. DL
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I wouldn't be angry if we took Hunter or Allen at 34.
Originally posted by glorydayz:
I hope we can trade #34 for a 1st in 2014!

We would still have picks to trade up in the 2nd if we wanted to.

Trade it to the Jets for their 2014 1st
DL/WR in the 2nd
Honey Badger in the 3rd
Lattimore in the 4th
SMK in the 5th
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