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Tank Carradine

IMO, he's a better prospect than Bjoern Werner, who went to Indy at 24.

He's big (6'4", 276lbs) and strong with long arms and a good motor. He sheds blocks well, but he's slow, especially if his progression is slowed by a block.

I'd rather draft Jesse Williams, but there is depth at NT (John Jenkins, Jonathan Hankins, Brandon Williams), so Baalke could address that need with the second pick in the 2nd.

Keenan Allen, Justin Hunter and Robert Woods are is the Honey Badger!!!

Either way...GO NINERS!
Originally posted by JamesGatz83:
I get the Tank Carradine love around here, as he is a beast. But I think everyone forgets that his starting experience at FSU amounted to half a season, and it wouldn't have even been that much had Brandon Jenkins not gone down.

As I said in the other thread, when you get past the hype and the measurables, Brandon Jenkins is a better football player and he's the FSU pass rusher I'd go with.

Wouldn't be upset at all if we got Tank, though.

Me too... I love FSU, I like Tank but would prefer getting Brandon Jenkins alot more.
Originally posted by ninerlifer:
Me too... I love FSU, I like Tank but would prefer getting Brandon Jenkins alot more.

Totally different players. Jenkins is a guy who struggles to hold up against the run, when people had questions about Aldon, Jenkins is significantly worse in that retrospect. Carradine has the size to be an eventual 3-4 DE, Jenkins would be a 3rd OLB at best. Also unlike Aldon, he doesn't have a set of developed pass rush moves, he beat tackles with simple athleticism most of the time, something that won't work in the NFL.

Realistically the 49ers could draft both of them seeing as Jenkins is going to fall down the boards. Nice potential 4th or 5th round pickup.
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Based on what the FO has done, they like players with a TRACK RECORD in college... usually a few years of solid production. If thats the case Im not sure if we take, Tank.
good points, however Jenkins was strictly a pass rusher at FSU. Im not saying too draft Jenkins in the 2nd Round. We need more depth at OLB...Jenkins would fill in nicely. And could be had in rounds 4&5 as a consolation if we dont get Tank with our pick. That said...i hated Jenkins missing the entire year, had he played he would have owned the FSU sack record, and thats saying something.

We need to address our DL now with our next two pics IMO.
Originally posted by BrianGO:
Originally posted by mtminer:
Big fan, but just saw this report that compares his knee to Da'quan Bowers

I think Tank is phenomenal, but why are so many people so confident that he will recover?

Because Baalke is. Whut
Man, I wanted Hunt, but in HarBaalk I trust
What number of picks do we have remaining out of the original 13?
Just wanted to stop by and say congrats on getting Carradine. Aside from his pass rush skills he led the defense in tackles in the 2012 regular season, had about 80 I believe, which is great production for a d-lineman to say the least. He keeps his head up rather than just blindly rushing into the backfield every play and pursues all the way to the sideline. Good pickup, always nice to get 1st round talent in a later round.
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