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is jadeveon clowney worth a kings ransom?

NO he is not. Sounds like kind of a headcase.
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theres only one black mamba and he plays basketball
everyone calls themselves the black mamba now

My character on NBA2K13 is named the White Mamba
Originally posted by BadgerHawk:
NO he is not. Sounds like kind of a headcase.

how so?
Some J. Peppers in his game for sure. There's quite a bit to correct with his technique and yet he's just so physically dominant, dominating older players in the SEC. I just don't see him not being successful in the NFL. Kid will wreak havoc IMO.
This is something I agree with...

Let's say there is a run on Off and Def Lineman in round 1 (which there very well could be). The 49ers would be at a disadvantage to teams that would be looking for similar help that do not take lineman before #31. Cincinnati, Minnesota, St. Louis (2x), come to mind. If any of those teams, possibly more take the top safeties...I can see them trading out of the first round to a team trying to catch a falling BPA...its happened before. It happened last year with Doug Martin. The 49ers can trade out of #31, with #34 still coming, and receive an extra pick in the 2nd this year (plus others) AND a #1 next year. That #1, their own #1 coupled with the possible extra #2 they will get from KC and a few later round picks...folks Clowney can definitely be wearing a 49er uniform come 2014.

Not only would you have a shot at him, but you would also be able to have a strong hold on the 2nd round. With 3 2nd round picks...teams have sacrificed #1's for those as the ball would be squarely in Baalke's court to get Clowney here.

All of this, however, hinges on the way the draft shakes out. If there are far more corners, safeties and WR's taken early, then we will get the best defensive lineman available at #31 and not blink an eye. But I think a run on lineman (especially defensively) really gives Baalke a chance to work some magic to get a couple more #1's to ensure his ability to get his hands on a top 2 pick.
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Originally posted by BadgerHawk:
NO he is not. Sounds like kind of a headcase.

Good call reasonable1.

That's the way to go - NOT trading our whole draft.

And spizzy, I'm not calling you supid - just the idea of trading our whle draft.

Agree and have stated a number of times in the past of tradiing our #1 this year to a team we feel will be the worst, for thier #1 next year.

Clowney would be my pick if we could pull it off.
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