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Predict how many QB's will go in round 1

Predict how many QB's will go in round 1

Lets face it folks, this is a qb driven league. The vast majority of top picks have been qb's, and when they have not, see what happens, see Jake Long VS. Matt Ryan, etc. With the first round salary cap being more team friendly, I can see teams at the top going QB first, with only 22 million committed compared to 60 million, GM's need to make their move. Also with quality back ups getting 5 million a season (see Matt Hasselbeck) teams want QB's. A month or two ago I felt only 1 qb would go in the first round, making me sad as less non qb's would fall to the niners. Now with desperation I see 5 qb's going in round 1.

Prediction. The teams that pass on qb's at the top of round 1 will trade up into the bottom of round 1 to snag their signal caller.

Just my prediction, but this is how I see the haul going.

1. KC Geno Smith- Andy Reid will pick Smith, if he cannot trade Geno for a bountyof picks to another desperate team, he will have two Smiths on his roster at a low cap value.

2. Raiders- Matt Barkley- They let one USC qb go and draft another.

3. Jaguars- Ryan Nassib- New owner, Gabbert needs comptetition

4. Bills- They are desperate, they take EJ Manuel (this is done via a trade into bottome of round 1)

5. Cardinals- Mike Glennon

6. Who else in round 1??

This is ALL good news as now 4 players will fall making picks 31 and 34 that much better.!!!
Good post but we already have this thread.
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