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Tyler Eifert at 31 or 34?

I just wanted to get some opinions on the scenario of Tyler Eifert being available at 31 or 34 and should the Niners pull the trigger and get him. I only say this because a lot of TE needy teams have already filled their rosters through free agency and resignings such as Chicago, Green Bay and Atlanta. I think having Eifert would make the offense even more explosive and create mismatches with Vernon and Eifert since the team does run a lot of 2 TE sets, the only knock on Eifert I hear is his blocking but with a great coaching staff that the Niners have that could be easily taught. However, if they pass the first time at 31 then I'm sure he would be there at 34 given that Baltimore and Jacksonville don't need a TE and with that he'd be the BPA. I know the front office meeds to focus more on defense this year but how would you feel with drafting Eifert?
I would be very happy if we could get him at 34,your right he would be a major threat in our offense
I would do a jig in my boxer-briefs if we got Eifert at 34. Don't think it will happen but nothing wrong with dreaming.
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Originally posted by AllTimeGreat:
I would do a jig in my boxer-briefs if we got Eifert at 34. Don't think it will happen but nothing wrong with dreaming.
Yeah I was actually thinking that too but when I found out Chicago signed Martellus Bennett and then Green Bay bringing Jermichael Finley back and Tony Gonzalez going back to Atlanta I realized a lot of teams didn't need a TE in the first round. Maybe Miami but they signed Dustin Keller to a one year deal and have a lot of needs and I doubt the New York Giants grab a TE in the first so maybe he does fall to the second if the Niners pass? But I'd be happy if they got this guy.
Hell no
Eifert is a difference maker. At 31 he might be BPA
If he falls to 31 we should for sure take him. I can already see Eifert, Vernon, Crabtree and Bolding lining up
Him in the offense can create match up nightmares against the #SEAHAWKS too. Would be a great way to counter their secondary.

Edit: We better not settle for that bum Ertz either
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Eifert will be there at 31 or 34. I think he'd be a nice addition. He reminds me of a slightly slimmer Gronk which can be a GREAT thing to help this offense. However I do hope the 49ers select atleast 2 defensive lineman with size to give good productive depth and future starters
Originally posted by kronik:
Hell no

Yeah.....what could would a major redzone target do for Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers? Its not like they could have used a giant monster-sized tight end running around in the endzone when they were 5 yards away from the endzone in the Superbowl. :P

I honestly believe Eifert in our offense would be more effective than Randy Moss with the deep ball this year. The calling card of our offense if most know it or not is at least one receiver running a 9 or deep out nearly every play. We are constantly probing the deep pass to see the defenses tendency and he will give defenders fits his size, strength and athleticism is actually made for deep jump balls. While vernon is much more likely to run under a pass, between bolden and Eifert our offense would challenge every part of the field.
I don't think a TE is too high on the radar... Isn't that what Celek is for? I would think 31 and 34 would go to defense. That's where I see our most glaring holes. And with the draft having loads of talent through the third round and how many picks we have, I could see us drafting a pretty good pool of players to fill any other needs we have.

BUT if we were to draft BPA at 34 and wound up with a TE, I wouldn't mind.
Why is everyone so quick to jump on these te's?? Last year Fleener, now this dude?
How bout we fix the real problem areas...pass rush and secondary.
[ Edited by BigBug415 on Mar 30, 2013 at 7:30 AM ] insider Brooks updated mock has Tyler Eifert going 26th...

14) Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia (20): Austin has been the talk of the scouting community following his impressive performances at the combine and West Virginia's Pro Day. Scouts view him as a super explosive athlete with game-changing abilities as a hybrid offensive playmaker, which is why he is creeping closer to top-10 consideration.

17) Keenan Allen, WR, Cal (15): A knee injury has prevented Allen from working out in front of scouts at the combine, but he will get his chance to answer questions about his speed and athleticism at his pro day on April 9. If he can post respectable times in the 40-yard dash and short shuttle, he could be the first receiver to come off the board.

21) Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee (17): Scouts have cooled on Patterson due to his limited major-college experience -- he only spent one year at Tennessee after a stellar JUCO career -- and unrefined route-running skills. He remains the top vertical receiver in the draft, but there are questions about his ability to develop into a legitimate No. 1 receiver in the NFL.

Good if wideout Patterson falls...49ers have picks and option to trade up with Bears for their 20th and steal him away from the Rams at 22.
Total confidence Harbaugh coach's this kid's elite skills up + learning from Crabtree & Boldin + CK7 gets Patterson to the pro bowl.

Allen's Pro Day still to come.

Austin possibly taken 8th-15th by a team needing a slot receiver.

20th - Cordarrelle Patterson (34th & 61st to Chicago)
31st - Tyler Eifert
74th - DB or DL BPA with 3rd round pick
93rd - DB or DL BPA with 2nd 3rd round pick
Originally posted by BigBug415:
Why is everyone so quick to jump on these te's?? Last year Fleener, now this dude?
How bout we fix the real problem areas...pass rush and secondary.

Fleener was over rated Eifert is way better.

Trying to get back to the SB and win it in 2013 pass rush & secondary best addressed with FA vets or trades and or mid round picks.

49ers 21st ranked passing offense and 23rd ranked 3rd down conversion offense also needs to be addressed.
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