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i bring up the posts cuz u continue to come back with a smartass response. no, i don't read EVERY single post made by everyone, but i did come across yours and clicked the "quote" button right away. no, i didn't read Phoenix's response to you. i read your post and quickly responded. something that is normally done in message boards.

i don't need to do anything to make me look good. i've been here long enough, posting on here regularly, to know that i've built a competent rep among other draft fans. what i did was respond to your post and you responded back with a smartass response. when i responded to that, you continued with more smartass response.

im glad you know now that Elam can play the position and Lattimore is worth the draft pick. now we can put an end to this conversation
Sounds good to me sorry for the misunderstanding.

no worries, it happens