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would u be opposed to a "julio jones-esque" trade???

Originally posted by PopeyeJonesing:
Too much value in rounds 2-4 and not enough value in round 1 in this draft for it to make sense this year, IMO.

Yep, not Baalke's style... Any trading up will be in those rounds (2-4) not the 1st.
Yes if the right player is there. Just don't see that player this year. ATL made the right move. Having more picks isn't always the best thing b/c those players yo pick might be busts. It's all a gamble. Bigger risk bigger reward.
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Originally posted by RnDm11:
if someone between 5-7 was willing to give up their spot for #31 and #34 and possibly a future pick so we can draft Cordarrelle Patterson before BUF or NYJ can get him.
the guy looks like a beast, great size, great speed, elusive, makes big plays routinely.
or maybe move up to get Sharrif Floyd? Star Lotulelei?

Cordarrelle Patterson consensus #1 ranked WR by pro scouts and experienced NFL analyst's - check
Explosive 6'2 playmaker with 4.4 speed - check
Good hands at catching the football - check
Needs polishing at running routes can be coached up - check
Elite skills with the ball in his hands & can return kicks - check
Wants to live out his dream and be an NFL pro bowler - check
Raw but has a huge upside - check
Some pro scouts & exp NFL analyst's comparing Patterson to Jones - check
49ers finally have rocket arm QB under centre - check
Boldin 1 or 2 and out - check
Crabtree to get big FA offers possibility of leaving 49ers - check
FA WR's sign for big $ 49ers not known to pay top $ for FA WR's - check
49ers need to draft a young elite bigger fast wideout to develop and be ready step in - check
49ers need elite deep threat big RZ wideout to stretch the D - check
Best place to pickup elite WR's is in the draft - check
49ers have 14 picks unable to keep them all - check
Harbaugh likes big fast wideouts - check
49ers havn't had a young elite big fast wideout since Terrell Owens in 2003 - check
49ers likely to be drafting at bottom of 1st round for next several years - check
At least 6 teams in the top 20 strongly rumored to want Patterson - check
49ers have the picks to trade up in the 2013 draft and get an elite wideout - check
Should Cordarrelle Patterson be the 49ers 1st round draft target - check

[quote]Patterson: "When I get the ball in my hands I just feel like I can do whatever I want with it and just bully a defender and get free and score," - Mar 12[/quote]
Originally posted by jonr422000:
I'd take him over Austin any day

And his salary? Tavon would be younger, and far far far cheaper.
Originally posted by PhillyNiner:
I think I would be opposed. Every indication is that this is a very deep draft where the first talent to third round talent does not see a great deal of drop off. I just cant see mortgaging all of that talent for anyone when the guys available in the next round and even the round after that are only slightly lower rated physical prospects. What your really drafting on this year is intangibles. We need to go out and pick guys for their brains, attitude, and dedication...because 5lbs on the bench, or .05 faster in the 40 doesnt translate to a whole lot of difference once they are on the field.

Post of the day!
I'm also opposed because due to FA, we have a lot of holes on our roster where it'd be nice to get potential Day One starters in the draft -- FS, NT, TE, WR. And we need a DE of the future that I'd really like to be a high draft pick.
I wouldn't trade up for a WR...or anybody. Many experts have said the best group of players is between 20-70, and we have 4 (includes pick #74) in that range. That said, Baalke could trade up somewhere in that range, but I doubt it'd be in the 1st rd. Have to remember, the higher you go in the 1st rd, the more expensive the pick is on the cap. Especially if Baalke signs Asomugha, he won't have a lot of cap space to work with. Being at #31 has its benefits in terms of a lesser hit on the cap.

One fact crystallized after about two games: Scoring touchdowns and playing explosive football come natural to Cordarrelle Patterson. He is a natural playmaker. Listed at 6-foot-3, 205, Patterson's body type is similar to Dez Bryant and Julio Jones', and his game is especially similar to Julio's. Patterson's movements seemed effortless even as he outraced defensive backs and made oncoming defenders shiver. Julio is a bit like that. Randy Moss was like that, too

.Although Patterson's primary position in Tennessee's offense was "X-Iso" receiver on the outside, the Vols devised ways other than fly and go routes to put the ball in Patterson's hands. In the six games I viewed, one of Patterson's most impressive plays came on a 15-yard rushing attempt in the fourth quarter versus Mississippi State.Lined up as a traditional tailback, Patterson accepted quarterback Tyler Bray's handoff and moved subtly, patiently to his right. Running upright and contemplating his lane, Patterson exploded suddenly with a violent cut on a sweep, forcing Bulldogs linebackers Deontae Skinner and Bernardrick McKinney to flail and miss badly. Patterson dipped his shoulder and finished the run with forceful authority. The run was Petersonian.I checked the box score after watching the Mississippi State game, just for kicks. Patterson had two catches for 25 yards. He was still a Human Highlight Reel, ripping off devastating cuts to make three Bulldogs special teamers look silly on a 98-yard kickoff return touchdown. Patterson turned a 10-yard loss into a long gain on a reverse, busting a tackle deep in the backfield, making another defender miss, and reversing field again en route to a 34-yard pickup. His first reception came in heralded cornerback Johnthan Banks' coverage, as Patterson's precise curl-out route left Banks flat footed for 14 yards along the left sideline. Patterson got his second catch versus another highly touted draft prospect in Darius Slay, out-muscling Banks' bookend for an 11-yard touchdown on a fade. Patterson just barely missed an additional kick return score, shaking two Bulldogs before a lucky shoestring tackle stopped Patterson at the 39-yard line with only green grass in front of him. Despite catching just two balls against Mississippi State, Patterson finished with 195 all-purpose yards and two touchdowns. (When you say 'play', I say 'maker'.)

Facing another top-rated cornerback versus North Carolina State, Patterson whipped 2011 NCAA interceptions leader David Amerson for a 41-yard scoring bomb, creating a cavity of separation at the end of his fly route. Patterson continued his schooling of Amerson on an end-around, breaking three tackles and easily outrunning Amerson for a 67-yard rushing touchdown. Against Missouri, Patterson had two TDs negated by penalties, the first on a silly high-stepping call and the second on a hold that didn't affect the play. Patterson lost yet another touchdown against Vanderbilt after juking Commodores safety Kenny Ladler on a quick curl and scoring from 27 yards out. Officials caught the Vols' center blocking too far downfield.

Cordarrelle Patterson is a freak. There were times he looked genuinely un-tackle-able on tape. I charted him with 29 open-field opportunities across six games. He made the first defender miss on 20 of them. Many receivers are explosive vertically and run fast in a straight line. Patterson is explosive both vertically and laterally, and physical as all get out. I loved how he got skinny through tight spaces, regularly sending would-be tacklers grasping at air as they left their feet. Patterson's run-after-catch ability might be the best I have ever seen from a college wide receiver.

I think I read somewhere that Patterson is a poor route runner. Could've fooled me. He ran a full route tree in Tennessee's pro-style offense, executing the curl, hitch, skinny post, slant, back-shoulder fade, and deep-in as an X receiver, and the out-and-up and shallow cross from the slot. Just once did I see Patterson seem to blow a route; versus Vanderbilt. I couldn't tell if the miscommunication was on him or Tyler Bray. Patterson shot in and out of breaks. He used a crossover to evade press coverage off the line of scrimmage. His body control was fantastic both along the sideline and in the open field.Patterson's game tape is nothing short of sensational, and as explained above he dominated games in the SEC even while taking a receiving backseat to Hunter.

Watch Patterson work the slant and fade versus Florida. He lit up Missouri and Mississippi State with game-breaking all-purpose plays. Patterson broke off a 45-yard kickoff return against Alabama. On a reverse, Patterson made swiss cheese of the middle of Georgia's defense on a 46-yard end-zone trip.Based on what I read about Patterson before watching the tape, I expected a raw, unpolished, mistake-prone receiver.

A talented project. I did see big-time talent, but I didn't see many mistakes at all.

If Cordarrelle Patterson is a boom-or-bust pick in April's draft, write me down as predicting a smashing boom.

Sensible NFL Team Fits: Bills, Jets, Browns, Chargers, Dolphins, Panthers.
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We have 7 picks in the first 131 picks. This draft is full of quality players that can be picked in rounds 2-4. There is really no one that we would need to move up to get.

We have needs at DL, CB, Safety, WR, and possibly TE. There will be quality players with those first 7 picks, and maybe even into round 5.

This draft is not overladen with sure fire quality star in the 1st round, but is deep in quality.
Originally posted by jonr422000:
If we move up to get Tavon Austin, why not jus give the Giants our 1st rd for Victor Cruz.

Lower cap hit without giving an NFC rival opportunity to get better

Remember when the 49ers drafted Crabtree and what a pain in the ass he was to get signed?

Well if Crabtree continues to improve and put up good numbers he is going to get big money offers from other teams 100% for sure when he becomes a Free Agent. And I wouldn't be the least bit surprised at his age if he signs with the highest bidder, like Mike Wallace, which may very well not be the 49ers.

Patterson would be ready to step right in when Boldin retires and or if Crabtree signs with another team
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I hope we can draft Patterson.. He was my 1st pick in my 1st 49er mock draft.

... and, I wouldn't mind offering Atlanta our 1st this year, and a 1st next year for JULIO JONES..
Originally posted by 9moon:
I hope we can draft Patterson.. He was my 1st pick in my 1st 49er mock draft.

... and, I wouldn't mind offering Atlanta our 1st this year, and a 1st next year for JULIO JONES..

We really haven't missed on any pick in the 5-17 range. If we identified a Pro Bowler at a position of need Hell fricken yeah I'd make the move. Louteli and Millner are the 2 guys I'd have no problem with giving up a bunch of picks for.
1)Ricardo Lockette
2)Chad Hall
3)Michael Crabtree
4)Anquan Boldin
5)Cordarelle Patterson
6)Otis Amey
7)a potato
10)AJ Jenkins
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