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Zac Dysert QB Miami (OH)

Ok guys.. I'm starting to think this guy is the guy were targeting at Quarterback .He has a lot of the qualities that harbaugh looks some film on Dysert ..He has a really good arm ..can make every throw..he seems to have good feet an throws good on The run.. He has a good feel for the game and highly intelligent..seems like a guy harbaugh will bring in to compete with Tolzien for Kaeps back up can prob be had in the 5th round or so..what do u guys think about him?..I'm also high on Jordan Rodgers from Vanderbuilt he has a lot of the same qualities as Dysert does..look for either one of these guys to be our guy. Just my 2 cents..

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I agree we need a qb I think we need a vet though someone to help with keap not another rookie ...something about Rogers is he's Arron Rogers lil brother N read his arm alil weak but like I said I think we need a vet not a rookie ...
I think Haurbaugh has a lot of confidence in Tolzien..more than we think he does..but yeah I understand that we may look at a guy with some more game experience. Prob Josh Johnson again But i believe Tolzien could be something special at least a very nice back up..but I do exspect us to draft a 4th QB for competition in the later rounds ..Either Dysert or Rodgers will be the one we grab in my opinion.
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