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IDEAL MOCK OFFSEASON -- Add: Harvin, Amendola // Draft: Hunt, Cyprien, Da'Rick

Guess what - everybody in the NFL is injury-prone - it's a tough sport. Crabtree had foot problems for a while, Kyle Williams, Manningham were both out for the season as was Kendall Hunter. You have to believe that guys can come back from injuries. Frank Gore did it. You never know with injuries -- never know when they're coming, never know when you'll have a good run of missing them. Anyway, that only supports my point of doubling up on them just in case. That's what we tried to do with Moss and Manningham - and it almost worked. Problem was that Moss really wasn't a difference-maker.
I don't see us trading away our first unless we're moving up to grab somebody.

When you build through the draft, you don't break the bank on one or two guys. Harvin is out of the question. I could see Amendola, but I'd rather have Hartline.

Here's the guys I think we make offers to, in order of most likely:

Brian Hartline - He'd want $6-7 mil, but would be a solid guy to have opposite Crabs. Still young (26), he's 6'2"/200lbs, so he'd do well in the RZ. Lots of upside still, broke 1000 yards on a horrible Dolphins team.
Devery Henderson - Assuming he's still got speed, he'd be a good veteran replacement for Moss as a deep threat/decoy. A little worried about RZ performance though at 5'11".
Brandon Gibson - He's 25, has a lot of upside still. With our ultra-disciplined coaches, we should be able to eliminate most of his bonehead plays. Apparantly, there's a lot of interest in him, so there may be a bidding war.
Greg Jennings - He's asking for too much, but if he's willing to play ball, he'd be a great guy to have lining up across from Crabs.
Just not realistic in any way.
Originally posted by cptn12am:
Other than 1981, whenever the Niners have won Superbowl's, difference-making free agents or trades have usually played key roles during those seasons. From Fred Dean to Ken Norton jr to Deion Sanders. It's called going for it. It's just my opinion. Of course I'm no more Trent Baalke than any of you.

How many of those Super Bowls were won in the Salary Cap era?
Brock's not likely to go anywhere...Coach likes him and he's still young + a very good ST'er. No tags this year. They could sign Walker to a longer-term contract for less than the franchise tag. Don't see the likelihood of RJF re-signing. GB for one will arguably offer him more than Niners are willing to. Jenkins wouldn't be a bad signing, but he'll be 33 when next season starts and there are a number of younger DL who'd seem to be better signings. Examples: Sammie Lee Hill, Jason Jones, Desmond Bryant, Mike DeVito. Love Amendola's game, but he gets hurt every season. No way would I trade our 1st and second 2nd rder for Harvin. Yes, he's got great skills...but, another guy like Amendola who gets hurt every thanks. I'd take Sly Williams in the 1st...big, versatile DL who's cat-quick. Hunt may have good potential...but, I'd rather draft more of a sure thing who's not a project. I like the Cyprien, Rogers and Mathieu picks. One FA I would go after is Sean Smith, good cover CB who's got the much-needed size for our secondary. Another one is Glover Quin, former CB who's a rising SS. But cutting Whitner, we'd save a scosh over $4M in cap space.
To all who thought that acquiring Harvin was a bad idea - I guess now we shall see how things play out. We lost to Seattle by 29 points without Harvin and with Goldson. Should be interesting.
Originally posted by cptn12am:
To all who thought that acquiring Harvin was a bad idea - I guess now we shall see how things play out. We lost to Seattle by 29 points without Harvin and with Goldson. Should be interesting.

Yep. We will. I still think giving up a 1st for harvin who can leave after a year was too much.
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