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IDEAL MOCK OFFSEASON -- Add: Harvin, Amendola // Draft: Hunt, Cyprien, Da'Rick

You want to pick up Amendola and Hervin( both shrimps and are injury prone) and draft a guy with potential character issues? So you want them with Crabtree and Jenkins( zero catches last year and didnt dress in the first half of the season) to make up the WR core? Mind ad well see what Arnaz Battle and Cedric Wilson are up to these days.
Originally posted by English:
Originally posted by cptn12am:
You would be adding Cullen Jenkins and Margus Hunt -- Dobbs & Williams are coming back from season-ending injuries and hopefully J Smith is healthy for the year. That's four additions and a health Justin Smith to a team that was a play or two from winning it all.

Not convinced about Williams or Dobbs and you have lost Sopoaga. Hence my comment. Without Smith the D line was an non starter.

Is there something in the water today that makes people want to franchise Walker? The guy is a back up with a real dropsies problem. Personally don't think he will be back but franchised! No.

Amen. He is a Back Up...meaning non-starter....meaning not always on the field. So who in thier right mind FT him????
Originally posted by cptn12am:
Well Kronik - my first 49er game was at the stick in 1972 for the playoff game against the Cowboys. I also happened to be at another playoff game against the Cowbows in 1981 - but that isn't really the point. You're saying the 49ers can't afford Harvin ($11m) Amendola ($6m) and Jenkins ($3?) = $20m. Alex Smith ($9.7m) cut Manningham ($5m) cut Harralson ($3) Akres ($3) = That's $21 million and we haven't even tried to restructure Rogers ($7m) Goodwin ($5m) or Whitner ($5m). This gives us a two-year window of unstoppable offense at which point the guaranteed portion of the contracts burns off and we can start again.

LMAO, tell me how that approach has worked for the Redskins and Cowboys & Jets
Originally posted by kronik:
LMAO, tell me how that approach has worked for the Redskins and Cowboys & Jets

This. Anyone that thinks the 49ers are signing any big-money free agents this year or next is absolutely out of their mind IMO. They've got about 60-70 million worth of extensions to be signed in the next couple of seasons. The only thing they're going to do with free agency is sign people who are cheap..and for short term contracts.
But if we follow this pattern the OP laid out, how are earth are we going to get Revis, Wallace, Jennings, Welker, Bowe and Jackson?

Arent we going to run out of roster space?
Originally posted by cptn12am:
RELEASE: Goldson, Moss, Ginn, Akers, L. Davis, Haggans, Sopoaga, Brock
TAG: Walker
RE-SIGN: RJF, Grant, Gooden, McBath
FA SIGNINGS: Cullen Jenkins, Danny Amendola
TRADE: 1st and 3rd (2nd of the 2) Round Draft Picks for Percy Harvin

2nd: M. Hunt (DL)
2nd: J. Cyprien (SS)
3rd: Da'Rick Rogers (WR)
4th: D. Gratz (CB)
5th: Z. Dysert (QB)
5th: T. Mathieu (CB)
Package Remaining Picks to Move-Up and get best Kicker avail and take late round flyers: D. Hopkins (K)

That would be quite a haul.

Imagine adding Amendola AND Harvin AND Da'Rick Rogers to go with Crabtree on that offense!!!

The defense would also be rejuvenated and on the right track for the future.

A 1st and a 3rd for Harvin? Are you kidding me?
In grading the value of a player, financial consideration plays as much a part as talent. Only so many can be signed to long term contracts. There is a movement the GM and CFO have to abide by in order to continue with a winning formula. For instance I can't see giving long term contracts to anyone except QBs past the age of 30. Never lock up a backup. Coach Walsh set the standard in coaching and salary considerations in dealing with rosters and maintaining a winning formula. His simple philosophy of releasing a player a year sooner rather than later is easier said than done.
Other than 1981, whenever the Niners have won Superbowl's, difference-making free agents or trades have usually played key roles during those seasons. From Fred Dean to Ken Norton jr to Deion Sanders. It's called going for it. It's just my opinion. Of course I'm no more Trent Baalke than any of you.
Actually 1981 too - forgot abt Delvin Williams for Freddie Solomon. I think the TE from Seattle - Charlie Young I think - he was either a trade or free agent signing.
And finally - yes - a 1st and 3rd for Harvin. We are getting either a 2nd and 3rd or two 2nd for Alex Smith. I'm pretty sure Harvin will command more than Smith -- he at least starts for his team.

Originally posted by plowenz:
How about Josh Cribbs? Has history with Coach Seely on ST's. Not long ago was THE man as kick returner .. and can dabble as a WR too.

Aren't we getting rid of Ted Ginn? Why bring Ted Ginn #2?

I want a WR who can dabble as a KR, not a KR who can dabble as a WR.
Originally posted by cptn12am:
And finally - yes - a 1st and 3rd for Harvin. We are getting either a 2nd and 3rd or two 2nd for Alex Smith. I'm pretty sure Harvin will command more than Smith -- he at least starts for his team.

Just because we are getting a great trade and picks from KC doesnt mean we have to throw it all away. If Harvin cost a 2nd rd pick and he didnt have just a year left I would be all for getting him. But, giving up a 1st and a 3rd for a potential 1 year rental? No thanks.

The Niners are in a position to be good for a very long time because of this draft. Expensive FAs are not the way to go.
"Difference-Makers" put you over the top. If we had such a difference maker at WR #2 the past two seasons we'd be sitting on 7 Lombardi's.
Also - my plan has us adding 6 or 7 draft picks to the roster. Your saying I'm throwing picks away??? Anymore than that won't make the roster ----that's throwing them away. Trading them for a difference-maker is not throwing them away. We can agree to disagree on whether or not Harvin and Amendola are difference-makers.
Do not like adding amendola or harvin (who personality wise could clash with coaches like Jacobs)

Both wrs been in league since 2009 with 8 seasons between them. Only one seasons has one of the WR's been in all 16 games. These guys are injury prone and you dont trade draft picks on injury prone guys
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