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808niner4lyphe MOCK DRAFT 1.0

Keep in mind most of my released players are based on inconsistent plays, not only this year but last year too except for Akers and MOSTLY for salary cap space.
David Akers: His play doesn't match his pay. Can't depend on him to win close games for us anymore.
Carlos Rogers: Getting old at 32 yrs old and inconsistent play, had a very hard time covering quick slot receivers all year. Not only this year, but last year too.
Donte Whitner: Good run support but very poor coverage skills, allowed the most tds out of all safeties in the league.
Johnathan Goodwin: He played much better this year than last year but he was still the weakest link on our dominating line, also he's getting old and gets pushed back a lot. I think Kilgore or Looney or a FA veteran can handle the center job this year, NEXT MAN UP!
Dashon Goldson
Ricky Jean Francois (only if he's not asking for too much)
Tavares Gooden
Larry Grant
Darcel McBath
Tramaine Brock
(Gooden, Grant, McBath, and Brock to one year deals)
Leaving via FA:
Delanie Walker: Would love to keep him but he is going to ask for too much. I suggest we give him a fair decent offer and let him decide. He wants to be a starter too which really makes me think that he'll go somewhere else, cause it ain't going to happen here.
Issac Sopoaga: Great run stuffer but has absolutely no pass rushing skills which is very disappointing because he's very athletic and super strong.
Ted Gin (Good-bye)

Alex Smith, 5th and 7th round draft picks to KC for their 2nd round pick. KC is rebuilding under Andy Reid and they're going to do it through draft so they need draft picks. They might trade their 1st overall pick for more picks too, which makes me think that they won't rule out giving us their 2nd rounder for more picks and a quality QB in A.Smith.

Rd. 1 (pick 31) DE_Datone Jones (UCLA) 6'4/280 lbs/4.82 sec.
He can contribute immediately and will be Justin Smith's replacement in 2-3 years when Justin retires, he should be fully developed as a dominant player by then.

Rd. 2 (#34-KC) NT_Jesse Williams (ALABAMA) 6'3/320 lbs/4.94 sec.
He's actually a younger version of Soap with pass rushing ability that can collapse the pocket here and there on passing plays, he's new to football and still has a lot to learn but he's already dominating and with Jim Tomsula coaching him……..i don't need to say no more.

Rd. 2 (#61) FS_Phillip Thomas (FRESNO) 6'1/210 lbs/4.57 sec.
Move Goldson to Strong Safety and have this kid play Free Safety. Great ball hawking skills, always plays the ball first instead of going for the big hit, he's a really good tackler too which fits well with our defense.

Rd.3(#74-CAR) TE_Travis Kelce (CINCINNATI) 6'5/260 lbs/4.68 sec.
The next Gronkowski in the NFL. Solid blocker and a redzone target for Kaep. Pretty good speed for a big guy, same speed as Gronk and Hernandez. Imagine V.Davis with Gronk on the same team??..well we can have our own now. He can take over D.Walker's role. He lined up all over the field in Cinci..TE,SB,WR,FB. D.Walker mite be a little faster but Kelce has decent speed for his size and a lot more bigger than Walker.

Rd. 3 (#93) QB_EJ Manuel (FLORIDA STATE) 6'4/237 lbs/4.67 sec.
We need a clone of Colin just in case he goes down, so we don't have to change back to our old conservative offense. This kid is still raw but after seeing Harbaugh work wonders with Alex, I believe he can turn this kid into a star too.

Rd. 3(comp) CB_Tyrann Mathieu (LSU) 5'9/180 lbs/4.49 sec.
We need a corner that can cover quick slot receivers like Amendola, V.Cruz, Wes Walker, D.Baldwin etc… He was a 1st rd talent before he got suspended from LSU and never set foot on the field again in college. He can be our return specialist too. I believe he learned from his mistakes and will not be a cancer in the locker room especially with the veterans that we have on this team and with Harbaalke running the show. He knows this is his last chance and he'll take advantage, and from what I've read, he's been working really hard for his shot in the NFL. He's a dangerous playmaker.

Rd. 4 WR_Aaron Mellette (ELON) 6'4/212 lbs/4.53 sec .
Small school big bodied WR, he could develop into a good red zone target with his size and body control. I don't think we should draft a speedy guy this year cause we already have AJ Jenkins and R.Lockette who both runs 4.3 fortys. Personally I think Jenkins will step up his game this year and R.Lockette will surprise the whole league, kid is super fast with a lot of potential, he just might be the speedy guy we've been looking for. Anyway, Aaron had a very productive college career with at least 86 catches in each of his last 3 seasons and 44TDs. The only problem I see is, he's been going against weak competition but you'll never know. Talent is a very tricky thing.

Rd.5 OLB_Travis Johnson (SJSU) 6'3/244 lbs/4.82 sec.
Very productive throughout his college career with 32 sacks, 211 Tackles, 49 Tackles for loss. Last year he had 65 tackles, 21.5 tackles for loss with 13 sacks. But I'm not only going by last year's numbers. He improves every year and gets better year after year. In his junior year he recorded 73 tackles, 15.5 for loss and 9.5 sacks. His sophomore year he recorded 62 tackles, 9.5 for loss and 7.5 sacks. That shows commitment and hard work. He's a sleeper and would be a steal for us in the 5th rd.

Rd.6 K_Dustin Hopkins (FLORIDA STATE) 6'2/189 lbs/4.9 sec.
Best kicker of the draft. Do I really need to say anything else?? I don't think so. We all know how Akers did last year.

Rd.6 DT_Chris Jones (BOWLING GREEN) 6'2/302 lbs/5.02 sec.
I truly believe this is the steal of this whole draft, a rare gem this late of the draft. This kid is the most productive DT in college for 2 straight seasons and yet most draft scouts projected him as a 7th round guy. In his college career(4 yrs but he only started the last two seasons), he had 157 tackles, 46.5 tackles for loss with 28 sacks, as a DT that's unheard of. Last year(2012) he had 42 tackles, 19 tackles for loss, and 12.5 sacks. In 2011 he recorded 47 tackles, 14 tackles for loss, and 8.5 sacks. Watched some films on him and the dude is a beast, penetrates through double team blocks, non-stop motor, manhandles one-on-one matches and just creates havoc on the line of scrimmage and the back field. I really hope we draft this guy, this is my favorite player of the draft. He's going to come into the NFL feeling disrespected and he will play with a chip on his shoulders which makes him more dangerous.

Rd.7 WR_Brandon Kaufman (EASTERN WASHINGTON) 6'5/215/4.58
Another big bodied WR..Yes..I know I know, some of you guys probably thinking why another big bodied WR, well personally I think it's never enough to draft big bodied WR, you'll never know, you just might hit the lottery on one of them. We already have fast, quick guys on our roster in Crabtree, Manningham, K.Williams, Jenkins, Lockette and Hall, but we need some big targets for the red zone. Plus, this kid was very productive throughout his short college career with 221 receptions, 3731 yds, and 33TDs. Last year he recorded 93 rec., 1850 yds, and 16TDs with a avg. of 19.89 yds per reception. That's pretty darn good to me if you ask me.

Rd.7 OT_Emmett Cleary (BOSTON COLLEGE) 6'7/312/5.29
We need a swing tackle and this kid might be the answer to it. A lot of potential with long arms, good footwork, great upper body strength, need a little more strength on his lower body for run blocking and that's where the best strength and conditioning coach in the NFL name Mark Uyeyama comes in.

Rd.7 S_Cooper Taylor (RICHMOND) 6'4/230/4.57
Small school player with a lot of potential. I like his height and he knows how to use it, he takes good angles to get to the ball and the opponent, he covers a lot of field with his height and decent speed. He had a good East-West Shrine game and got an invite to the Senior Bowl and he didn't disappoint.

There you go folks, 13 draft picks, 7 defense, 5 offense, and 1 special team. Please feel free to state your opinion. After all, its only a mock draft and its only for fun. We can never guess and read Trent Baalke, JHarbaugh, and the management's mind. But it doesn't stop us from having some fun. Peace out.
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I disagree with your analysis of Goodwin. He actually was very solid and his experience at reading the defense was immense in the post season. He's well worth his salary but since your cutting him you should've at least 3-4 rd pick on Schweinke from UCLA. The scouts went to 4 UCLA games so I have feeling they're going to pick him.

I keep seeing people predicting that guys like Whitner and Rogers are going to get cut and I just don't see it. The savings for cutting Rogers would be minimal and if you cut Whitner, now you have a team that went to the Superbowl who will have to be depending on a rookie in their secondary.
We would look very thin at WR.
Doesn't Whitner make the defensive calls as well? I believe he is only signed for one more season. I don't mind drafting a safety. In fact, we should regardless if we get Dashon Goldson signed to a longterm deal. However since Whitner's contract expires next year, it won't kill us to keep him this final season. I also don't get cutting two starters from a secondary where the pass defense ranked 4th (they were 16th last year). The release of Goodwin makes a little more sense only because we may already have a replacement on the team.

The release of Goodwin makes a little more sense only because we may already have a replacement on the team. I like this mock gave us a lot of good young talent on the defensive line if that trade scenario with Kansas City were to happen. Probably one of the best combination 3-4 defensive ends and 3-4 nose tackles that would be available with Jones and Williams, and then went back to DE/DT later in the draft. Those first two picks and the 6th round pick would make this draft a success . Phillip Thomas gives us another safety that can come in and start eventually, leaving us with no void to fill on our defense in 2014 when Whitner's contract is up. As it relates to EJ Manuel, I like him, but I'd actually be surprised if we went with a QB this high for insurance purposes only. Unless this is some kind of long range plan to coach up Manuel and eventually trade him a few years down the road to some QB needy team, we need to use our picks in the first three rounds to draft guys that will start for us eventually. I'd go for a corner here at that spot giving us Rogers, Brown, Culliver, Cox, and a rookie (I'd let Brock walk). I think we bring Delanie Walker back and draft a TE a little later, but you have a good replacement in line in the event we don't so I have no problem with picking up a TE.

I'm curious as to how will we be getting a 3rd round comp pick? What free agent loss would net us a pick that high? I believe Morgan and Manningham cancel each other out, so it must be Adam Snyder. He got a nice deal, but a 3rd round pick for the loss of him? In the event that we do get an extra 3rd (I'd probably say 4th), I'd take a shot on Marcus Lattimore. I have nothing against the Mathieu pick. I actually posted that I'm on the bandwagon in one of the other threads lol. But I'd wait until the 5th.

All in all, a good draft that gives us immediate help in most of our major weaknesses (covering slot receivers, a D-line rotation and replacement for Justin Smith, and kicker). Those four picks alone panning out would give this draft a really good grade.

Am I in the minority in thinking that we aren't as thin in receiver as people would think? We were a team that finished the season averaging 30 + points a game. This is with Michael Crabtree and Randy Moss who was only good for 2-3 catches a game as a STARTER. I know people are not sold on AJ Jenkins, but despite what people may feel about him, Jenkins should be able to handle matching that production and would be a true deep threat opposite of Crabtree. Kyle Williams will be back and I expect him to continue looking good with CK throwing him the ball. The sleeping giant that is Vernon Davis was awakened and we all saw what he did. This would once again leave some very favorable matchups for whoever is our #2 TE next year, LaMichael James or Kendall Hunter in the passing game. and Bruce Miller who is a better pass catcher than many realize.
It's just absolutely beautiful. Love this one.... .

A few things:

1- Love the Jones, Williams and Thomas picks. I have Jones and Williams 1-2 in my mock too.

2- There is NO chance Manuel falls that far. Not with the success of the pistol. Some team will take him higher

3- I highly doubt we break up the best O-line in the league. We dont need to. We wont be spending top dollars on free agents so we might as well keep the team together that was one play away from the Superbowl. I like Looney as the starting center AFTER this season.

4- Donte Whitner sucks. He is awful in pass coverage and in fact gave up the most TD's out of ANY safety in the league. I fully believe Goldson will slide over to SS and we will draft a replacement at FS. But I think we will bring in a vet on a cheap deal. Someone like Kenny Phillips. I doubt we start a rookie at FS this year.

5- I like Kelce if Walker leaves.

6- Not a fan of Mathieu. He is a great returner but he is not good in coverage. I'd pass. We have two nice returners in Williams and James anyways.

7- We need to get a 3rd OLB. Someone who can make an impact.

8- No WR aside from a 4th round pick?

9- Alex Smith is not going to get a 2nd round pick. No chance. Maybe we would trade Smith and our 2nd to KC for their 2nd round pick. We would basicly be trading up to the end of round 1. That is a deal that makes sense. Or just Smith for a 4th round pick.

10- We wont be getting a 3rd round comp. We are projected to get a 4th and two 7th's.

Nice work on the draft though.
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Originally posted by eonblue:
I disagree with your analysis of Goodwin. He actually was very solid and his experience at reading the defense was immense in the post season. He's well worth his salary but since your cutting him you should've at least 3-4 rd pick on Schweinke from UCLA. The scouts went to 4 UCLA games so I have feeling they're going to pick him.

Schweinke is from Cal not UCLA.

Originally posted by buck:
Schweinke is from Cal not UCLA.


Awww whateva!
no thanks to Jesse "Yolo" Williams

Originally posted by Frisco69ers:
no thanks to Jesse "Yolo" Williams

Lol. Does a tattoo really hurt your feelings that much?
U kinda stole my name
Really good draft.

I don't think releasing Carlos will happen - one more year and a gooming of his replacment.

Donte Whitner giving up the most TD's out of ANY safety in the league cannot be ignored. I like the idea by SteveYoung of Goldson will slide over to SS and bringig in a vet like Kenny Phillips. I doubt we start a rookie at FS this year but develop him with more and more playing time.

DRAFT: Really like Jones, Williams, Thomas picks. also like the Hopkins pick BUT I think we'll need to move up into the top of the round or get him in the 5th. A guy who can win lots of games for 10 years would be worth it.

Thanks for the heads-up on Chris Jones DT - someone to research.
We save nothing by cutting Rogers and he already restructured his deal so we could sign Bowman to his extension. He is not going anywhere.

He had an off year compared to 2011 but he was still out best corner. INT's don't mean everything.
Originally posted by 80849er4life:
U kinda stole my name

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