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iowa49er mock draft 2.0

Originally posted by iowa49er_75:
Thanks for all the input and feedback guys, if we get even half of these guys come draft day I will be thrilled!!

Can't wait for draft day and Go Niners!


Originally posted by blm7754:
I'm getting a little tired of all these mocks that involve ridiculous trade scenarios involving Alex Smith. Sure, in the right system Smith is an above average starting QB. But nobody in the league really believes that we won't just release him in a few weeks. His affordable contract is the only thing that might allow us to get something for him. But, I don't think Smith will get a huge contract as a FA. Teams will want to be cautious because nobody knows how he will perform under a new offense and coaching staff.

If I'm KC, Cleavlend, NYJ, or AZ.... it's like this. Either trade a pick for him and secure his services for 2 years at about $7-8M per year, or wait till he is released and probably be able to get him for 3 years at $9-10M per. KC and Cleveland have plenty of cap space. They won't give up a high 2nd rounder unless we give them Smith AND our low 2nd rounder.

Straight up, Smith is worth maybe a 5th round pick to KC.

Hey hey hey, all i got to say is looks like that second round isn't all were getting out of the Alex Smith trade!
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Originally posted by Big_Daddy:
Charlie whitehurst, traded for 3rd round pick and swap of 2nd round picks
Donovan Mcnabb, traded for a high second round pick plus a conditional 3rd-4th round pick
Carson Palmer (injured and 32) traded for a 1st round pick and conditional 2nd round
Kevin Kolb traded for a 2nd round pick and Rodgers-cromartie

Alex Smith makes very little money when it comes to starter QB money, plus he's shown the capacity to play well under a variety of schemes. He's not a world-beater, but that type of player doesn't exist this year in the draft or free agency. For those people who don't think we should be able to pick up a 2nd or 3rd round pick for Alex are just being haters.... someone will come calling, wait and see

PS- I will agree that the roster bonus might force our hand, but i feel like a team will see the cheap contract and swoop in, when it's reasonable Alex may ask for MORE as a free agent than he already was being paid now, considering his good stats this year

I hate it when people call anyone who doesnt think Alex will bring a high pick a "hater" I dont think any 49er fan is a hater of Smith. We are just realistic on his value on the market. People who think the Niners will get the 33th pick in the draft for Alex and a 5th are just living on a prayer.

I guess prayer works. HATER!!!!!!
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Best and most realistic mock I've seen so far. Where are all the folks who talked about pipe dreams earlier in this thread? Talk about shushing the chorus.
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