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Baker Steinkuhler-DE/DT-Nebraska

An option at DE towards the bottom of the draft. He's got ideal size for the position(6-5, 295) and an NFL lineage. The keyword with this guy is effort. He's got a tremendous motor that never stops running, he doesn't quit on plays, keeps fighting, just an all-out hustle player. On the downside, he has zero pass rushing ability, actually if they could list pass rushing ability in negative numbers, he'd be there. But what I see is someone who could be a good rotational player, the kind of guy to really take up space and hold up against the run, using his strength to put pressure on the offensive line. He's the type of guy that will always go at 150% when you put him out on the field, he's not flashy, total blue-collar player with potential to improve.

His range seems to be anywhere from the late 5th Round to the 7th Round.

(As an aside, I've heard people frequently mention the possibility of moving this guy to the other side, putting him on the offensive line as a tackle. With his wingspan, quick feet, strength and motor, he could actually end up as a very solid prospect at offensive tackle. He was originally recruited to Nebraska as an offensive lineman, maybe a team flips him to the other side where he would have a lot of potential. After seeing Baalke draft Bruce Miller, an OLB, to be a FB, something like this by the 49ers would not shock me at all. Eitherway, he's a guy who plays his butt off and shows outstanding effort, so I don't think a team could go wrong with him in the latter part of the draft.)
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I like him as a 7th round guy who can come in and compete for a roster spot. Maybe late 6th. Worth a flyer.
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