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Percy Harvin and Trading Picks for Players

The Vikings want to unload Harvin and we have 14 picks in this draft. Given the talent on our existing roster I think we would be better served trading some of those picks for players that are proven commodities.

I see our needs in order of priority as:

K - Kicker out of FSU
S - Rambo?
2 CBs - Addressed via FA and draft (Rodgers is done)
NT - Several draftable options in Rd1
DE - I like Gholston, but there are several options in the draft
OLB - Do we need to spend a pick on a player given Flemming an Cam Johnson
WR - Do we draft a player, or pick up someone like Harvin or Bowe
KR - Harvin again fills this need

Harvin is not a big WR, but he is very productive as WR and a KR. Adding him would allow us to let Moss and Ginn walk away. I don't know if we can fit his cap number into our salary cap. I would prefer to trade a pick or a combination of picks for players like Harvin and Revis. Trades in the NFL are uncommon, and I think it is possible to get productive players for 2nd and 3rd picks. Depending on how Alex Smith departs, we may end up getting another decent pick.

I think a WR core of Crabtree, Manningham, Harvin, Wiliams, and AJ Jenkins is pretty solid. Harvin can strech the field like Moss, and he is a great returner. He is an established WR and he is an offensive weapon that teams have to respect.

Obviously Revis is the premier CB in the league, and if we can trade for him (Alex Smith? and a pick) and sign him long term, I'd be willing to part with Carlos Rodgers' excessive salary. That should leave enough cap space for Goldson, Walker, and some of our other FAs and rookies.

Assuming we trade away 3 of our picks, we still have 11 left. It is unlikely that 11 rookies will make this roster, so I think trading for solid veterans would make more sense, or to stock pile picks for next year.

A lineup with Harvin, LMJ, Hunter, Kap, VD, and Crabtree running out of the Pistol..... THAT IS SCARY.
I would need to see the cap numbers, but at first glance, I would love to have Harvin on our team. Injury concerns but boy is he explosive!
From, it looks like Harvins cap number is 4.02m this year. the Vikings are looking for a 2nd and 4th for him. I would make the deal. We can cut Manningham and then Harvin would only be about 2 million more expensive. I would really like to work an extension with him though if we are going to give up the picks.
At 1st thought, adding Harvin would be so SWEEEEET.

However, after 2013 you would need to sign him to a BIG contract. In addition, adding a player like Harvin would ( i assume) piss of Crabtree as Harvin could/SHOULD see 10-12 balls a game rush+receiving. Harvin also doesnt add the size were looking for in the WR department.

Offensively we are fine with Crabtree, Manningham, AJ Jenkins (we need to give him a chance), Kyle Williams.
I would rather re-sign Delanie Walker, despite his drops becuase he is multi dimensional - blocks, wr, special teams.

Kaep options of: Crabtee, Davis, Manningham, Jenkins, Walker and multi RBs in Gore, Hunter and James is more than enough to work with. I would rather see the money spent on Harvin, spent on defense. YOu add 1 additional DE or OLB who can effectively rush the passer opposite Aldon Smith, and you solve CB problem as well.
Harvin is a smaller guy, very explosive but still small he would be great all over the field except the redzone, unfortunity i think our biggest weakness is redzone,,, so we need a big buy,,TE like Tony Gonzales that people have to double team in the end zone.,,, we should start scouring the draft for TE with a background in basketball hahah
I would give up a 2nd & 4th for Harvin and keep Manningham. That would give AJ Jenkins 1 more year before to get ready. They can work out an extension with Harvin and let Manningham walk after next year. They can easily clear the cap room for him and then some.

Then they can find their big receiving target with the TE to replace Walker.
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Would resign him after 2013? Im not to keen on signing anyone besidrs goldson. Were going to need carry over cap for 2015 if we want to retain aldon kaep vernon iupati gore and davis. I think as a rental its apealling but even then is 1 yr of productiin worth the quality you can find with 2nd and 4th. I dont think so.
Harvin would be a nice pick up. I know he can play NOTsure what kind of a team guy he is.

Based on $$$ Revis is TOTALLY out of the question.

I agree with all of the "Needs" you listed BUT not in that order.

If you look back, IMO, our probelms really started when Justin went out of the Pats game. In fact, if you go back a few years, our secondary specifically Carlos, looked dynamite. I think it was because of all the pressure our DLine put on the opposition. This year w/out Justin at full strength - they got exposed.

Our #1 Priority, IMO, is DLine and I feel a NT and 2 DE's would the way to go. We could get one or more in FA.
Use the pick they get for Smith and one of their own 14 picks, then essentially it is like giving up one pick for Harvin and still have 13 picks left to fill wholes
Harivn gets hurt way too much to invest money into. I would rather have Danny Amedola, and use a 3rd round pick on a player that can stretch the field.

People suggesting trade Alex Smith and a pick to get Revis make me laugh. This is not fantasy football. You will have to sign Revis to a long term deal worth $$$. Coming of a ACL play CB is not a good investment.

Originally posted by DRoc76:
Harivn gets hurt way too much to invest money into. I would rather have Danny Amedola, and use a 3rd round pick on a player that can stretch the field.

People suggesting trade Alex Smith and a pick to get Revis make me laugh. This is not fantasy football. You will have to sign Revis to a long term deal worth $$$. Coming of a ACL play CB is not a good investment.

He actually only missed 3 games total before this last season so he's not really as injury prone as everyone perceives.

That said, I think Harvin would be awesome to have on the team but it's because he's the flashy guy everybody knows about. He would fill a need but I think we should spread the money/picks around instead of committing a few picks to trade for him and then commit a lot of money to keep him.

I would rather trade up in the draft once or twice (using our surplus picks) to draft guys that we can plug in to keep our team's depth solid and young.

Ideally, we could trade up to draft Werner but that would cost us a pretty penny. Realistically, I can see us trading up to get Shariff Floyd without us having to use too many of our picks since he's gonna go around the late teens-early 20s.

Bottom line is that Harvin would be a nice fit but we should try to get more quality depth than anything and an eventual replacement for Cowboy (Floyd). If we trade up twice, I would hope we draft a CB with that pick.
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What's interesting is that if we traded for him and he walked after the season, we'd get a 3rd round pick (compensatory) in 2015.
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Tempting but I'd say NO to Percy... Look, if the guy can't be happy at Minnesota (and they don't really have lots of weapons like we do) w/ his role, then he'll hate playing for us.. Aside AP, their offense calls for his #s more than anybody else.. so if he can't be happy there, then I doubt that he'll be happy here..
We need a PR. Harvin doesn't return punts. He doesn't help us out there. Likewise, we have a ton of big contracts coming up. We're not going to be signing the #1 player at ANY position in FA. Just ain't gonna happen.
I honestly don't want Harvin. Harvin, Bowe, Welker, and Wallace will be too expensive and we don't have a ton of cap room. I would rather stick with Crabs, Manningham, Jenkins, Williams and add another through the draft. If we do sign a FA WR it will be on the cheaper end like Eldleman (sp?) or Hixon, both also have return skills.

Also when you went over our needs, why do you think Rogers is done? He is a reliable starter. That 3rd and inches play in the super bowl he had perfect coverage, but there is no stopping a behind the shoulder throw if it is a perfect throw. We do need another CB, but Rogers has two good years left.
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