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Would you draft Manti Te'o if he slipped to the 3rd or 4th round??

Every high talent player has a spot where the value is undenyable. Manti in the 4th...of course you have take a shot. Just like Honeybadger...or Lattimore. There will always a place where the scale tips in favor of reward over risk.
Sure, but I don't see him as being an impact-type of player so I personally wouldn't draft him. I'm not saying he's undraftable because he definitely is. I just don't think he'll make much of an impact in the NFL and there are many other college LBs that you can get to do what he does. In fact, if he played at Utah, BYU or San Jose State, he'd be just another guy. And I'm not taking any personal swipes at the guy (he actually seems like a decent, humble person though also extremely naïve); just saying this strictly from a football standpoint. He's got some talent, but not more so than most other LBs.
Hell yeah. He's gonna be a good player and could play any LB position in any defense. Even 3-4 OLB.
Originally posted by cciowa:
Originally posted by IdahoNiner:
Dont want. Too much of a distraction and wouldnt play.

you are a good poster and a smart one and since i do not know nothing about college ball... do you at all care if a guy had a crappy bowl game in his last game as a player when you are looking to draft that person? does that mean anything to you or your team in the grand scheme of things?

I dont base anything off of his last bowl game. I do think he has been rated overly high all along, but he is still a good LB, and many made too much out of the bowl game performance. But he simply would not play here, no value with a pick like that, and the media storm surrounding him would be an unnessicary distraction.

I tend to look at total body of work when judgeing talent.
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sure, why not. Throw his ass on special teams. Not like he'd ever get any PT behind Bowman or Willis anyway. See Larry Grant.
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Fairy Te'O.

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It would be silly to pass on him in the 4th. He'd have great value as a special teams standout and backup to our current Lb's. He'd be cheap, and excellent insurance if Navarro or Patrick gets hurt. He'll never make it that far though.
we have Willis/Bowman and Grant, Gooden, and Willhoit. We are stacked at MLB. last position we need to adress.
Manti in the 3rd Round? Heck Ya i'd pick him, this guy is in the mold of a Bowman style so he's gotta be atleast worth a 3rd

Hes light in the ass and light in his loafers.... no thanks. You dont draft special teams only guys in the 3rd or 4th. Heck the niners got Goldston in the 5th.
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As an ND fan I would gladly pick him in the 4th, but Culliver may not want him in the locker room with him...
Who wouldn't. The whole Tuiasusopo scam will eventually be seen as an honest mistake. Goog LB backup and can spot-start if need be.
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Kevin Seifert ‏@espn_nfcnblog
Te'o will meet with 20 teams. Two so far, texans and #Packers.

Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet
Looks like Manti Te'o is handling this grilling fine. Really wanting to move on to football topics. Says "I could've handling things better"

Gregg Doyel ‏@GreggDoyelCBS
Te'o: "It's definitely embarrassing. You walk thru grocery store, everyone's giving you double-takes, staring at you"

Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet
Te'o is opening up. Says it was "embarrassing" to go thru his catfish situation. If he was embarrassed still, he said, he wouldn't be here

Tania Ganguli ‏@taniaganguli
Te'o said he's learned he needs to keep his circle very small through this. That's often a good and hard lesson for professional athletes.

Tania Ganguli ‏@taniaganguli
Te'o said the hardest moment was a phone call from sister about sneaking their family home to avoid people parked in the front yard.

George Whitfield Jr. ‏@georgewhitfield
500+ reporters. One "embarrassed" linebacker. #nflcombine

Tania Ganguli ‏@taniaganguli
Te'o said experience taught him to empathize w/people who are getting attention they don't want. "Give somebody the benefit of the doubt."

Richard Deitsch ‏@richarddeitsch
Te'o said he has not considered taking legal action against Ronaiah Tuiasosopo.

Albert Breer ‏@AlbertBreer
Manti Te'o couldn't have handled that much better.

Tania Ganguli ‏@taniaganguli
Te'o finished with a closing statement, "It's been a hard, but tremendous ride for me and my family and the University of Notre Dame."

John Mullin ‏@CSNMoonMullin
If teams wanted to know how Te'o will handle media re his situation, he should have answered any doubts. 15 min of ?s handled with aplomb

mike freeman ‏@realfreemancbs
Manti Te'o wins the press conference. Unreal how good he was. Had me feeling sorry for him.
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Manti Te'o will be a 1st round doubt!!!
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