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Would you trade up for Ohio State DT Johnathan Hankins (conditions below)?

Would you trade up for Ohio State DT Johnathan Hankins (conditions below)?

McDonald, Hankins, and J Smith?
Originally posted by genz22:
McDonald, Hankins, and J Smith?

yes please,

but also bring back Soap or RJF and rotate guys in there
I like Hankins...great size & versatility. But, standing pat we just might be able to land Sly Williams, another "big" who can play anywhere on the DL and is cat-quick.
I didn't see anything in the film that would indicate he is anything other than someone who can stalemate out with the opposing player. He occasionally occupied another blocker but he didn't get much pressure and did not do much of anything other than occupy one space. So no I would not trade up to get him. If he fell to us, then Baalke/Harbaugh/Tomsula would have to see something more than what I can see and then coach him up.
Originally posted by 2Legit2Quit:
I would make a move up for Hankins**, but I don't know if we'd necessarily need to go up to teens to get him. I think the Colts at pick 24 would be a great trading partner. We made a move with them last year and they would probably love to trade down to pick up some extra selections since they are without a 2nd (Vontae Davis) and a 5th (us). That move would likely cost us the 91st pick and a late pick (according to draft chart) which I would be willing to part with for Hankins. I love his versatility and he is just a very disruptive player. He might not ever wrack up a ton of sacks, but he's going to wreak havoc on the offensive line and make life easy for all of our expensive LBs and keep them nice and healthy haha.

Not more than a 3rd to switch spots. I still think we have quality available at #31.
Wouldn't be mad if we got him, but not sure if wanna trade up. Although we do have a ton of picks!?!
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