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Senior Bowl Practices on NFL Network

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Originally posted by MadDog49er:
I like both players a lot. I'd probably take Jones right now, but ask me again after the combine. I want to see how Floyd prepares and performs. I think we have already seen that Jones came ready for the Senior Bowl. Obviously, Floyd is physically ready right now to play the 34 DE, since he is a 300 pounder.

In the end, I'd be surprised if either is on the board at 31 or 32. .

I agree. Jone or Floyd are our best options at DE.

We do have enough picks to move up to get one of them.
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I realize that the game itself is not all that important, but I can not stop being excited about it.

It is starting right now.
hungover, but ready!
quick link if you see a # make a play but don't remember who it was...
I'm blogging live,
Beautiful pass by Manuel to Bama TE MIchael Williams, 14-0 South.
Beautiful pass by Manuel to Williams. Manuel is tearing it up thus far.
Bad throw by Nassib picked off by Rambo

Josh Boyd standing out to me. Very active
Hopkins with a blocked FG by Illinois OLB/DE Michael Buchanan
Originally posted by Nalo9er:
Bad throw by Nassib picked off by Rambo

Josh Boyd standing out to me. Very active

And Wilson was almost picked off by Poyer.

And Boyd is looking good to me, I have had a 3rd round grade on him for a while, he is making some money for himself.

Ziggy Ansah didn't look good during the week, but looks better out there in game action.

Ezekiel Nana "Ziggy" Ansah
Wow is this kid impressive and to think he has only played football since 2010
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Super scouting breakdown of the Senior Bowl: All these QBs stink
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