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14 draft picks in the 2013 Draft

I really think trading multiple picks to move up higher next year is the way forward for us.

We saw with the recent draft that the FO are comfortable with our depth that we can spend some picks on "luxury" players because we are pretty deep across the board.

In a dream world:

1st = D-line (maybe package some picks to get someone the FO really want)
2nd = Trade for a 1st next year, ideally we will be picking 32nd, so we may have to throw in a fourth/fifth.
3a + 3b = Try and trade at least one of these for a 2nd rounder next year, ideally our pick is it should be late on . Use the other one BPA (just hope it is a C, WR or TE)
3 c = (assuming compensatory) trust the FO regarding how they feel about some of the young guys on the O-line, but wouldn't mind taking maybe another D-line (to rotate in) or maybe a CB/S here

WIth the rest of the draft picks I have faith in the FO, they have done a pretty good job so far. Ideally we would trade some of the later picks for earlier rounds e.g. 5th for a 2014 4th. As long as we keep our depth we could trade that 2014 for a 2015 3rd etc etc.

The drafts have been pretty good, but I don't see many picks after the fourth making it on to the roster, unless we get lucky/someone drops to us for some reason.

If we trade sensibly we could have x2 firsts and maybe even x2 seconds next year, which would give us the option to trade, or draft a great player in a position of need. Whilst we have roster depth we should stockpile as much as we can because eventually we will have to lose players through retirement or FA
I say we trade all of them for Terrance Williams.
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Originally posted by LottOfDefense:
That Carolina pick is looking like a top 10 in the 3rd

Was #2 a few weeks back but up to around 10 but still better than third to last pick in the 3rd. Moves us up like 20 spots.
Right now I think there is a really good chance we take a DL in the 1st. Probably DE, small shot at NT if sopoaga is gone and if they want RJF at DE. Need a pass rusher and someone who can give breathers and eventually take over for Justin.

Then other needs would be OLB, CB, 3rd T, versatile C/G guy, #2 TE (assuming walker is gone), WR, maybe 4th RB/ST guy to upgrade over Dixon, S depth, K (if we don't go through FA), maybe return specialist or other special teams aces.
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