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Quarter Season-1st round pick poll

Quarter Season-1st round pick poll

im going CB
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I'd love for us to pick up another Safety to groom, other than that I think WR still may be a need in the 1st round. Moss won't be back, Ginn probably won't either, so we could use another big body receiver in depth.
Originally posted by Gore_21:
*WR - And this might sound crazy but if Moss and Ginn aren't back I might go big physical tall WR to go with Crabtree, Manningham, Jenkins and Williams. Remember Manningham/Williams both only have 1 more year after this year and Crabtree only has 2 more.

quote above from earlier in thread....
Long season to go but after this game I am starting to think more and more that Ginn and Moss won't want to be back. Ginn hasn't been the same yet and has been hurt a lot. Moss we could involve more but like all those former great WRs they want the ball more and I don't think he will be satisfied with his role. If he makes it into something they will cut him, hopefully he just does what he is asked (even if he isn't happy about it) and he will possibly have a chance at his 1st (?) SB win.

Crabtree's contract can be voided the last year but he is only making like 3.5 that year. We payed most of his big money already. If voided the contract would be like 5 years 28.5 million. Also, Manningham and Williams will only be with us for 1 more year. I think we try to re-sign Manningham for sure if he keeps it up.

Still like I said I think we could use a big tall physical WR. The rest of the guys are more speedy and quick. AJ might be the only guy who is around long term. Maybe not this year but after next year if we lose Williams and/or Manningham it could be a big need again.

Pass rushing DE is moving up the list but I already mentioned that... prolong justin's career and give them breathers in the mean time.
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Well its obvious that whoever we lose out of Goldson and Sopoaga could become our #1 priority unless were that confident in RJF at NT and either Spillman or Robinson at FS but because there is still a chance that we could retain both of them or not place it as high as #1 priority I am going to say that its like this

1a. OLB
1b. DE
2. Swing Tackle
3. #3 ILB (unless we keep Grant - I like Gooden but I'd like to take an ILB if we lose Grant)
4. WR - We could and likely will lose both Ginn and Moss and I would mind using an early pick on a playmaker.
It's great that we now have trouble finding a position to use a 1st on. How times have changed.
The team considered Bruce Irvin this year and Fangio likes rotating players, so a pass rusher early makes sense. Robinson hasn't stepped up at safety and we have no one capable of stepping up there. I don't expect Moss or Ginn to stick around. A 5th WR would make sense. Delanie isn't likely to come back. We could use another body there.

1. OLB
2. FS
3. DE/DT
4. TE
5. WR
6. OT
7. ILB
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Originally posted by SanDiego49er:

We have just got to address the D Line. it's getting older. We need more depth at OLB pass rusher too.

I agree, but this is why Baalke and Harbaugh are doing a good job, they have one extra DL on the roster because they feel their d linemen are all nfl calibure players.

NT- Ian Williams- RJF
DE- Dobbs

If the niners are fortunate enough to get up in games like yesterday, I think McDonald and Justin Smith should be resting, giving the back ups valuable game time and to evaluate if they are for real. So far I believe RJF can start, jury is out on the rest.

Another stud DE would be welcome, but only if BPA.
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