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Quarter Season-1st round pick poll

Quarter Season-1st round pick poll

Going off of what you think the biggest need is or will be, what would you target today?
Picked OLB. Not that it's a pressing need. Just, imo, if something were to happen to Aldon or Brooks, we'd be f**ked. I think we need a 3rd to insure no drop off if one was to go down. Plus you can never have to many pass rushers.
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It'll end up being FS because we wont be able to pay Goldson the 7-8M it would cost unless we cut or restructure several players. But in my world it is a 3-4 DE to actually rotate with Ray Mac and Justin and eventually replace cowboy.
How I would rank them:

1st Round Options:
*If Goldson is gone than no doubt I go FS in the 1st. I tag him if we can't re-sign him

*DE to prolong Justin's career and eventually take over for him while giving Justin and Ray breathers along the way.

*If Goodwin is gone to save money and they don't think Kilgore is the answer C could be a late 1st or 2nd round need.

*If RJF and Sopoaga both leave I might go 1st round NT. I think one will be back and start.

2nd-3rd Round Options:
*Any of the above options not taken in the 1st.

*OLB - #3 if Haralson is gone could be as high as a 2nd round need. If he stays and is healthy than a #4 would be Fleming/Johnson or a later pick.

*WR - And this might sound crazy but if Moss and Ginn aren't back I might go big physical tall WR to go with Crabtree, Manningham, Jenkins and Williams. Remember Manningham/Williams both only have 1 more year after this year and Crabtree only has 2 more.

*#2 TE - If Walker is gone a big pass catching TE who can still block.

*CB - Could be early, could be later. Brock should be upgraded but an early one could be #4 over Cox.

*3rd T - Some might think late pick but maybe not. It just depends on how things go and who is re-signed. A high pick might just step in for Staley or Davis if injured. A low pick might mean taking a comfortable Boone from RG to T, putting Looney in at G. I'd rather have someone who can step in and not make us jumble everything up and mix up chemistry.
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Best DL available

We have just got to address the D Line. it's getting older. We need more depth at OLB pass rusher too.
I like us where we are at actually, we're pretty stacked so I'm going by who I think would see the field in their first season and that would be on defense so i picked outside backer or DE
I think the Niners are set at Center with Dan Kilgore and Joe Looney..IMO
DL to learn from and eventually replace Justin. To me, this is an A+ priority.

Admittedly, I didn't want Alson but JJ Watt. VERY, VERY happy with Aldon - he seems to be gaining momentum every game, maybe 16-18 sacks.

There may be another Justin/JJ we can package some picks to move up for. Not sure. Ray Mac is playing very good and not sure the level of play if he or Justin went down. I don't know if Dobbs can handle more than spot duty yet.

Next choice would be OLB - the pass rushing variety, maybe a tweener. Haralson has proven expendable so far. We haven't missed a beat since he's been gone. Brooks has really stepped up his game and he also is getting better every week. If either Aldon or Brooks go down we'll need to fill that quickly.
Originally posted by genz22:
I think the Niners are set at Center with Dan Kilgore and Joe Looney..IMO

Looney will be the primary backup OG next year

Even though we need depth at certain positions, if Goldson is gone, that is the only position that any rookie coming in has a chance to start. I doubt we get a 1st round guy that is going to ride the pine. Any OLB we draft will be used to give our starters rest only. Same for any DE. With NT, I doubt we let Sopoaga and RJF walk in the same year. At least one of those guys will return. If we are talking first round picks, with all things being equal as far as the ability of the player available, here is how I rank the positions in order of priority-

1. FS- Obvious need. After watching Goldson this season, the reality is, he is one of the top safety's in the game and I agree that he should be paid as such. The unfortunate thing is that we may not have enough to sign him longterm. Whoever we draft needs to have the ability to start.

2. DE- Number 2 priority. Besides the reasons stated by other members on the board, this player needs to have the ability to start down the road. At OLB, we are pretty set and do not need a guy that has to start.

3. OLB- Needed depth to spell Brooks and Smith. It would be great if we could draft a guy to play the role Smith played in 2011 and be a pure pass rush specialist. The idea of Smith and another great pass rusher opposite of him on third downs would put offenses in a serious bind.

4. T- Need a tackle that can play the left side and right side.

5. NT- Insurance because we will most likely lose either Sopoaga or RJF.

6. TE- Delanie Walker is still a good blocker, but a quarter of the way through the season, he seems to have regressed in the passing game. If this continues, I'd like to find a big target, that can contribute as a blocker, be a redzone target (hopefully Alex Smith learns capitalize on the height advantage a taller receiver brings), and find some of the softer spots in the defense.
To be honest, I don't think there will be 20 guys I grade as first rounders this year, unless we see a dramatic number of juniors and redshirt sophomores enter. Really soft class so far. So, maybe you trade out of the first to a team that looks to pick up a QB late in the first round.
Still gotta go with a DE
need that depth on that olb spot
Originally posted by gold49digger:
need that depth on that olb spot

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