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Sketching out our 2013 Draft Needs

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Originally posted by English:
Why on earth would we want to cut Manningham? Or Frank for that matter.

I didn't say cut these guys, I just want to know the ramifications of each if they were to be cut.
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Originally posted by DVDA:
Originally posted by English:
Why on earth would we want to cut Manningham? Or Frank for that matter.

I didn't say cut these guys, I just want to know the ramifications of each if they were to be cut.

But by asking for that you are implying they could/should be cut.
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Originally posted by sfout:
But by asking for that you are implying they could/should be cut.

They could be cut, I'm not saying it happens though.

Gore is making a lot of money to be sharing carries. He's a good back, when healthy, in a crowded backfield. He could be a victim of the 49ers having a lot of depth in the backfield. It would be tough to do with everything he's done as a 49er but the NFL is a business first, just ask the greatesr quarterback of all-time.

Manningham is replaceable, especially at 5 million per year. So far he really hasn't done much besides get lucky that his fumble shot out of bounds. The season is long and he has a lot of time to show why he is worth 5 million next year but he isn't an irreplaceable guy.
1. Isaac Sopoaga – Potential replacement on roster: Ian Williams - I think Ice resigns for a cap friendly deal, he has never shown any interest in being anywhere but here...IF he doesnt this spot shoots to number one priority.

2. Dashon Goldson – Potential replacement on roster: CJ Spillman, Trenton Robinson, Michael Thomas - I am OK with this...I would rather see Goldson go and hand his money directly to Bowman, draft a stud in the first round to replace him and compete with what we have..becomes second round pick if we lose Ice.

3. Delanie Walker – Potential replacement on roster: Garrett Celek - More than fine with this, would still draft a depth kid or add a cheaper free agent, Delanie has talent, but has never broken through to a higher level.

4. Ricky Jean-Francois – Potential replacement on roster: Will Tukuafu - Would like to see RJF resign at a decent deal, he is comming along nicely in his development and is very versatile, to my mind we must keep him or Soap...cannot let both leave or we will be in trouble up front.

5. Randy Moss – Potential replacement on roster: Mario Manningham - looking like a minimal drop off, but too early to tell. Right now I say let Mario step in, We have guys who arent even seeing the field at this position, and you could still use a mid rounder to fill in the depth chart.

6. Ted Ginn – Potential replacement on roster: AJ Jenkins, Kyle Williams, Nathan Palmer, or LaMichael James and Perrish Cox(from a KR standpoint only)- If Williams hold it down for a few more games, I am ready to let Teddy go. Starting to have an injury bug, limited value away from returner, Nice piece to have, but would have to come cheap.

7. Larry Grant – Potential replacement on roster: Michael Wilhoite- Grant is a great back up...but back ups can be had for cheaper. Find a guy through the draft to compete with WIlhoite and try to resign Gooden, save that money for others.

8. Tavares Gooden – Potential replacement on roster: Michael Wilhoite - See above

9. Leonard Davis – Potential replacement on roster: Joe Looney or Al Netter - Davis is a nice one year stop gap while guys develop...he can walk next year.

10. Clark Haggans – Potential replacement on roster: Parys Haralson, Darius Fleming, or Cam Johnson - Doesnt even have a job if Parys is healthy, I like OLB for a third round pick to compete with Cam and Fleming. Could see Parys being a cap casualty as well.

11. Brandon Jacobs – Potential replacement on roster: LaMichael James, Anthony Dixon, Jewel Hampton - Jury is still out. let me see him play first.

12. Tramaine Brock – Potential replacement on roster: N/A - He wont cost much to bring back, my bet is he will be here.

13. Darcel McBath – Potential replacement on roster: Michael Thomas - see above.

So after looking through all that I guess my draft is Safety, D-line then OLB....then best depth guys available with an eye toward o-line, wr, te. priorities could change if we can keep someobody or the price for Bowman goes above current salary+Goldson money+ the difference between paying Grant and Gooden+ Ginn salary.
Originally posted by sfout:
Originally posted by NeeJ49er:
RD 1 ..Outside Linebacker
RD 2. Safety
RD 3. Center
RD 4. Tight End
RD 5 Guard
RD 6 Outside Linebacker

Outside Linebacker should be top priority , we need depth and another LB to help with the pass rush

I can see us re-signing both Soap & RJF , so there will be no need to draft a D-Lineman

Goldson will be a goner, so we need to spend a high draft pick on a safety

Kilgore should be ready to start at center , but drafting a center that can also play some guard would be a wise move and provide depth

Walker will also be a goner, but I hope he stays , if not, we need to find a quality TE to team with Davis

Why would we draft a #3 or #4 OLB in round 1? Our starters are locked in and we still have 3 more backups locked up for at least another year, 3 if you only look at Fleming and Johnson. The fact that you left Defensive Tackle out is pretty hilarious, we could potentially lose both our #1 and #2 Nose Tackles in FA. Also Inside Linebacker is more of priority then OLB because we could also lose both backups in FA.

OT is more of priority then C or G because we have depth there, OT we need a true swing tackle that way Boone does not have to leave RG if Staley or Davis gets hurt.

I would personally draft an OLB with pass rushing skills in the first round, it would give us more options and powerful depth and make our D that much scarier , plus there is no guarantee Fleming will ever be 100%, and we cant pin our hopes on a 7th round pick(Johnson) that is on the practice squad, and Haralson will likely be gone after this year.

and personally I think we will keep Soap and RJF , plus we have Dobbs, Turk and I. Williams to go with Ray Mac and Cowboy ...If there was a cant miss talent at DT that could play DE for us, I would do it in a heartbeat, but it would be tough to squeeze another D-Lineman into the rotation.
Gore's contract is full of workout, incentive and roster bonuses, all of which are not guaranteed.

Manningham has 2012 guaranteed, his 2013 base has most guaranteed, I can't see Manningham cut at all. It won't help cap wise, unless he completely bombs and is terrible, he stays, and if he plays great he gets extended, I'm hoping he plays great, and we have 1-3 being Crabtree, Manningham and Jenkins.
we will need a DL man for sure!
Positions I dont see the Niners drafting at all...

Highest needs going into 2012 draft...
I find myself agreeing with the theme of most in this thread that the D line and FS will be our biggest concerns for next year.

As we have seen in recent years with Trent running the show, we do not pay what other teams are willing to pay for any given player. With that being said, at least 1 of our d linemen are gone and probably Goldson as well.

TE will also be drafted as Walker is just not quite worth what he will want. Maybe he takes less but if not, hes walking.

IMO its very hard to get an elite FS, so we will probably draft that position in the 1st.
We then go D Line in the second.
And TE in the 3rd.

Beyond that we are trying to find guys who can make the team or play a role on special teams. We are becoming a staked team with a quality of depth that is hard to crack.

So maybe trade some of our extra picks to move up a round and get a player that can actually contribute?
Whoever #54 is for Alabama's d line.ill look his name up later on

The biggest thing will be how much is it gonna cost to keep bowman? and do they look to draft his replacement now? you can't have 2 highly priced MLB's and i'm sure tons of teams will be calling for Bowman's services. Praise the lord for the franchise tag

qb, cb, wr
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Originally posted by ads_2006:
qb, cb, wr


seriously 1st round 3-4 DE to rotate in with Smith and Ray Mac, I like RJF and I dont understand why we arent doing it with him but I really think a 1st rond DE is the best thing even if we retain both RJF and ICE.

my new priority is now
1. 3-4 DE - find Justin's heir apparent, use him to relieve him and Ray mac for the next year or 2.
2. FS - If Goldon walks then we need a starting FS so i would flip this but right now the safety class is deep as hell
3a. OT - we need a legit #3 tackle I do not want to see Boone go to LT or RT after seeing how well he is mauling people at RG, also notice how well AD is playing at RT? While it is also self-improvement from AD, the fact that Boone is mauling people helps free AD up to protect Alex.
3b. WR - Ginn and Moss are both FAs, one or both of them will be gone and Manningham will have 1 year left if we opt not to extend him during the season. We need a quality developmental prospect to sit at #5 on the DC.
4. ILB - Both Gooden and Grant are FA, while they might not be as hot of a commodity as we think, I could see 1 or both of them being gone, we need a very capable backup especially if we lose Grant.
5a.. TE - Walker is an invaluable blocker but has become mediocre in the passing game, he might find big money elsewhere as well so it could be out of our hands, look for us to upgrade this or simply promote Celek and draft a new #3 TE.
5b. OLB - I agree we need to keep adding bodies here until someone sticks so just keep the competition going.
6. CB - We need to add another #5 CB to replace Brock, I doubt he'll be back but you never know
6b. SS - keep finding bodies maybe for the PS
7a. OL - General bodies at this point.
7b(is this the taylor mays pick or do we only have 1 pick in the 7th?) - DL body to compete for a spot especially if we lose RJF or ICE and Williams becomes one of 6 main lineman.
I'm hoping we grab a pass rusher early in this draft. We need way more pass rush.
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