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Andrew Iupati

Any chance little brother makes the team???
Who? Did we sign this player?
What team? Did we sign him?

EDIT: Nvm just read that the 49ers are trying him out
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Probably not.
Yeah just saw he is invited for mini camp tryouts, I think he is a slim possibility to make the roster. More so the PS, but I would think guys like Matthew Masifilo, Tony Jerod-Eddie would have a better show at PS and possible 53 man spot.
I'd rather have Andrew Lupati

Originally posted by wysiwyg:
I'd rather have Andrew Lupati


Then we could have both of the Lupati's!

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Originally posted by adamcarrillo1:

Which one is he??
Meh, he won't be around long
I think they are doing this try out as a favor to his brother. He won't make the team but it will get him some exposure.
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It would be one big iupati up in here.

but no his chances aren't very good. Would make for a good story though.
Cool. Hope he makes it. Slim chances though
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