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Day 2-Draft General Discussion

Originally posted by WRATHman44:
Originally posted by RKab:
Pick traded to the Colts


Andrew Luck.
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yea we traded back with indie
-i wanted crick or a DL
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Traded for pick 97 4th round pick 2
Does not make much sense to trade back. We don't need more picks. We don't have that many open roster spots. Maybe it was traded for a 2013 pick?
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picked up a 5th next year.
Pats going front seven: Jones, Hightower, Bequette.
Hopefully for Indy's 2nd next year.
Originally posted by okdkid:
picked up a 5th next year.

Good trade
we got indys 5th. for the swap

Got an early 4th this year and a 5th rounder next year.
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We got pick 97
2012 97th pick and 2013 5th round pick
We have overnight to shop the first pick tomorrow. Interesting.

Correction: Early pick tomorrow. Not the first
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Originally posted by Bay_Area_Fan:
someone's gonna get a steal with marvin jones

Indy would be smart to grab Jones.
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