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My Last Mock

Probably wont hit any of them but I'd be happy if it went this way.

1. Peter Konz C WIsc Starter at guard, move to center later.
2. Marvin Jones WR Cal - Can start early in his career.
3. Alameda Ta'amu DT Wash - Sopoaga is in the final season of his contract so he's insurance.
4. Alfonzo Dennard CB Neb - flyer on this guy hope he can stay clean.
5. Jarius Wright WR Ark - depth to get Kyle off the team and backup kr/pr.
6. Kelcie McCray SS Ark St. depth
7. Janez Jackson FS McNeese St. depth.
Great mock with the exception of Alfonzo Dennard. I think that guy is gonna be burnt toast unless he's in a Cover 2 scheme or plays the slot only.
wouldnt that be a good situation for him here, considering he'd probably not be #1 or 2 CB with us.
Originally posted by OtisDriftwood:
wouldnt that be a good situation for him here, considering he'd probably not be #1 or 2 CB with us.

I don't think so because Rogers moves inside and covers the slot on 3rd downs, with Brown and Culliver on the outside. I don't see a role for Dennard here, but that's just my opinion.
competition I suppose, probably the same could be said for any CB at that pick I guess. Thanks for the feedback, that pick is a flyer we're solid enough to do that in this draft. Might be a different player but we could see a question mark pick somewhere.

I think Denard will be breaking rocks on the chain gang.
funny that people say that about him but now all of the sudden they're forgiving Jenkins which doesnt make alot of sense. I think jenkins will probably be the one that gets in more trouble during his nfl career. Maybe neither of them are worth the risk.
Great choices, I especially like #1-#7. Keep posting more mocks so I can follow them more closely as you seem to be very knowledgable in the subject.
Prefer Zeitler over Konz...considerably stronger and is practicing C during off-season. KZ is a blue-collar guy Harbaugh would love. He could be the next Jeremy Newberry for us. No RB...some don't see that as a need, but if Harbaugh subsribes to Bill Walsh's philosophy to draft replacement players a year early vice a year late, then you might see us with Pierce or Turbin. Not crazy about Dennard...he was over-hyped to begin with and now with his off-field issues is a definite risk.

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