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Oldschool9erfan mock......MY ONLY MOCK!

YES, I gotta get in on the action and do a Mock and get my picks on the Webzone. Can't believe the draft is here already!!!!! I'm FIRED UP!

The Niners have a philosophy on players and systematic styles (west coast and 3-4 defense) which leads them in a curtain direction.

3-4 defense – Looking for DT in college that can play end, stuff the line first and rush second. We are looking for DE that can be turned into OLB's. We probably won't draft an OLB from college unless they are very big and set the edge. Primarily they want to rush the passer. Niners have played an elephant backer for years (1 primary rush guy like Aldon or fred dean or Haley.) This limits who we will draft, but we also probably don't overpay for a lot of guys. We have one of the best front sevens in the nfl.

West coast offense with a run first slant– We like big receivers that can pick up YAC. They don't have to be burners but I think that has hurt us in the past because of our lack of speed. That being said we probably won't take a Kendall Wright (or Desean Jackson) because we like bigger receivers that can block, and who won't wear down in the season. Also Harbaugh loves to use the TE because it creates such a match up problem for teams.

Player Profiles niners are looking for

1) SMART OR FOOTBALL SMART– The west coast Offense is a timing offense that gives the team a lot of options. We only had 1 year in the O so the offense should open up more this year. A lot of the WR's have reads to make on the defense and that can offer 5 options from a regular post pattern depending on the defense. I think that this has hurt Crabtree a lot because of timing with Alex and also him missing so much time, he's behind the other players. I feel Alex needs to have tremendous trust with the players if he's going to make a tight throw. VD is the only one that he consistently trusts because he's got the speed and the knowledge which goes to the next point.

2) LOVE FOOTBALL – Baalke wants football first guys who truly love the game. F DIVAS and so no to Rashan Woods players or Glen Coffee types who aren't into the game.

3) CHARACTER GUYS – Say what you want but Nolan, Singletary and McCloughan have their stamp on the team with character guys. You want "SELFLESS" blue collar type guys who are TEAM FIRST guys. DIVAS are not welcome. You can have a couple of question marks (moss, cox, crabtree) but you can't have too many or they will cause some problems. So guys like Jenoris Jenkins aren't going to be drafted by the Niners with their first round pick or maybe not at all. Too much of a risk.


I have my main choices and then some alternates if those choices aren't there.

1) TE Coby Fleener - Best TE in the draft, but one of the best "match up" problem guys in the draft. He gives some options at TE, you can split him or Vernon wide (we split VD wide a lot in the last six games and playoffs). He has a huge catching radius and gives us a BIG RECEIVER….it's something that we haven't had probably since Russ Francis. He knows the offense, he's smart, he's a Stanford guy……really do I have to say more?

1B) OG Kevin Zeitler – I think if Fleener is gone they trade down to a high second and pick up another pick, if not. They will take a Guard. This guy is a freaking mauler, he pulls well and had something like 44 knockdowns.

2) OG Brandon Brooks – If they go TE in the first, they probably go guard here if they stay put. If they move up, it could be best corner available but they would have to trade up to get up. This guy is a monster though. 6 5 340 and he ran a 5.0 flat in the 40. That is pretty crazy for a big guy. Had some weight issues in college.

2b) Josh Robinson – 4.33 at the combine which was the fastest time. Two time all American 10 intereceptions. The Niners face 5 of the top QB's in the league. It doesn't hurt to have another corner, but they are going to have to trade up to get him.

2b) WR Brian Quick - If they take fleener first, they won't take a WR here. But if they go guard. This player is really rising. He is a tall physical receiver who is the kind of player they like. 6 3 ½ 220 pounds.

3) CB Trumaine Johnson – big physical cornerback (6 2)…..if he doesn't work out there, you make him a safety. He had some character concerns in college but the 3rd round is good value for him. Not sure if he lasts until late 3rd so you may have to trade up to get him.

3b) TE Ladarius Green – Big TE if they didn't get fleener. 6 6 235 some notes about Green - Tremendous body control and concentration to pull the ball down in traffic. Closely covered on many receptions but had few drops. Good body control, focus and large 10-inch mitts. Has quick feet and lateral agility to uncover over the middle. Reliable jump-ball target with 82-inch wingspan

3c) DE Derek Wolfe – This is a 3-4 type of player the niners like…..I like the notes about him…..Has very good awareness, keeping his head on a swivel with a good feel to quickly locate and react to the play. Tough as nails with a physical attitude and often attracts double-teams. An extremely hard worker in the weight room and doesn't let up in practice. Versatile in college, lining up in several different spots, including moving to nose tackle over the center on third downs

4)WR Tommy Streeter – 6 5 220 4.33…..Stephen Hill is getting all of the hype, but Streeter has the same physical skills and not as big of a bust potential here. He can work in slowly .

5) FS Brandin Hardin – 6 3 220 played corner in college, but is a physical freak 24 reps on bench with 4.43 speed. He drops in value because of injuries.

5b) WR / KR / PR Devon Wylie - 5 10 4.36 speed. He had some injuries…..a nice special teams pick with Slot receiver potential.

6) C David Molk – Center from Michigan. Not dominating but won the nations Dave Rimington award for best center. Has some injuiries in the past.

7) OLB Braylon Broughton - TCU – Didn't have a lot of production in college but he has the size and the speed 6 4 257 and he ran a 4.55, 26 reps on the bench and 36 inch vertical. This would be a pracice squad guy.
Thanks Old Man, good mock set up. Well thought out.
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i've seen alot of mocks thru out the day but dude this one is the best by far! you did it!
Thanks for the props. Can't wait for the real deal tomorrow! I'm liking Brandon Hardin with the 5th round pick. I will see what we do.

I think Baalke's going to make a few back and then trading up, it should be interesting.
Great post.

Many of your arguments are very sound and explained well and I really enjoyed reading your analysis (although I seriously doubt Wolfe will last until the late third...nor Streeter in the late fourth for that matter)... Many mocks that I've seen have borderline first and second day picks going to the Niners much later but that being stated, I like that you addressed the team needs without reaching...

This draft is deep at DT and WR and also has quite a few decent OGs so I expect the Niners to take advantage of that and pick up one of each. An OLB is also on their need list but there aren't many good ones in this draft that fit their scheme (or so it seems) so they may go fishing at small schools for a diamond in the rough (forgive the mixed metaphors)...

I love that you explained what the Niners look for in their picks...not just talent but a love for the game. I think with that a given, you may see them draft a guy like WR Sanu, who may have less natural talent than some but is off the charts as far as intangibles and qualities the team covets.

Really appreciated your analysis.

Fine darft. We may have to move up to get some players like Wolfe.
Good summation and reasoning.
and your absolutly right....F ALL DIVAS
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If they take Quick, then they'd likely go another direction vice Streeter. Could go OLB there...Miles Burriss could be seen as a slight reach, but in reality the 125th pick is almost the 5th rd, so he could be a candidate. Also don't think T. Johnson will be on the board that long. His versatility and size will be too much for teams to pass up much earlier than the 92nd pick. 3rd rd could also be the spot to take a RB like Turbin. Lots of options, for sure.
Miles Burriss seems like a good athletic linebacker, a little small but fast. I wouldn't mind the Niners picking him up.

Robert Turbin is another guy I think the 49ers would like, but I don't know if they are going to spend a 3rd rounder on him because they have other needs. If he's there in the 4th then we got a chance to get him, but I don't think he will last until then.

It's going to be a classic Baalke draft.........Football Christmas is here.
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Really appreciated your analysis.

Fine darft. We may have to move up to get some players like Wolfe.


Intrigued by Wolfe, Brooks and Streeter in later rounds. Fills needs and leaves the Niners free to trade their first if someone they really like isn't tnere at #30.

In a word... OUTSTANDING.
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