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Scouts Inc. projects all seven rounds of the 2012 NFL draft

Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
Would be very happy with that draft.

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this is the best mock draft in the country! way to go! I like this pick
I don't like it at all. I like the first 2 picks but after that. . We need safety depth more than we need 2 WR and a RB.
Originally posted by JustinNiner:
criner in the 6th??? no way

Exactly what I thought. Pass me some of what they're smoking. But realistically if the 49ers came out of the draft with Zeitler, Minnifield, Irvin and Bolden.......I'd track down Baalke and possibly try to hump his leg.
Originally posted by drake49er:
I don't like it at all. I like the first 2 picks but after that. . We need safety depth more than we need 2 WR and a RB.

This. Replace Posey with a damn safety.....still hoping for Markelle Martin.
I'd prefer if the OP told us that the link he posted requires a subscription.

If anyone has a non-subscription link to the ESPN story, please post it.

Zeitler played both Jerel Worthy and Devon Still last year and dominated both. Zero sacks in 36 career games and only 2 penalties for his career.
Zeitler is a 10 year starter in the NFL that should make a couple of Pro Bowls.
The draft pay scale is going to change how teams draft.
Ben Grubbs just signed a five-year $36 million deal with NO and the 30th pick last year Wilkerson signed a four-year, $7.4 million deal.
Originally posted by tmpluff:
NO Not digging it, Not a huge fan of a guard at 30 unless Decastro drops to us, or we go up and get him My views on Zietler is, He did his best blocking when Wisconsin pulled their guards, his play was IMO too sloppy and inconsistent to be our choice at 30. other than that. I like Irving, but we don't address the Wr position until late, and with guys I'm not even very high on . we don't address the safety position at all, If we were to grab Irving OLD/pass rusher, why would we grab Crawford? I mean he played DE in Boise St's 4-3 which means he would be converted to OLB for us. I think we have that position covered. Brandon Bolden would be an ok pick in the 7th I guess, altho I'm not sure we need a rb in this years draft (and since NEXT years draft is gunna be loaded with them) I guess I'm just hoping Harbaulke does a better job in this draft than the guy doing this mock, this Mock has too many possible flashes back to the 2008 draft

One thing you can guarantee is that Zietler will be great in the run game. The offensive lines of Wisconsin are so good a run blocking it rare when the Badgers can't run the football well against anyone. The Badgers rush attack was number 8 in the NCAA last year and they averaged 5.4 yards per carry. I would not be afraid to draft this guy because I think he would help our run game a lot.
Fine draft.

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Originally posted by 49oz2superbowl:
Originally posted by Ether:
Originally posted by NinerBuff:
Not a big fan of a G at #30, but overall, very strong draft!

How big a fan were you when we got Iupati at #17?

Those aren't comparable. Iupati was a far better prospect than Zeitler who struggled immensely at the senior bowl and was the inferior player to Konz at Wisconsin. Some had projected Iupati as a possible top 10 pick (very similar to Decastro). Zeitler is too average to justify spending a 1st round pick on. This is especially true when your OL already consists of 3 first round picks (and formerly 2 additional top 50 picks).

He said he was not a fan of picking a Guard at #30, period. I never said Zeitler was a comparable prospect to Mike Iupati.
I agree, cause we're not gonna get Fleener. -Unless Baalke trades up for a 'certain' player he wants bad, we're gonna either settle at #30/trade up 5 spots for an OG, and do a lot of moving up in the 2nd round for a WR (same as when we moved up for a QB last year).
Originally posted by LieutKaffee:
What's the deal with Konz and Zeitler? IIRC, MadDog is pretty darn high on Konz, but he seems to have slipped down boards in recent weeks. Have he and Zeitler flip-flopped as prospects?

LOL, u worship Maddog?
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Agree with the criticisms of Zietler. Irvin is good talent wise in the 2nd but then he'd get little play time. I guess the hope is he pushes for Brooks spot? Then a DE in the 3rd..why? We have a great line and good depth. I say it's a puzzler of a draft. Drafting for position isn't everything but it should count for something. Maybe db or rb earlier on. One thing nobody is talking about though is that we could use a kick returner. Apparently we're light at that position..=p
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