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predict the "oh wow" moment of the draft

Originally posted by theninermaniac:
Niners trade for Mike wallace

That would definitely qualify as "oh we'll."
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Originally posted by RollinWith21n52:
Rams draft Cordy Glenn at 6 over Blackomon. Bank on it

I think the Rams are going somewhere other than Blackmon. Looking back at Fisher's drafts with TEN that guy LOVED taking corners in the first round. I think his team took corners in like 4 of the last 10 drafts when he was there. Pacman, Woolfork, Dyson, Griffin (moved to FS). And the Rams greatest flaw as a team is their secondary. I think the Blackmon correlation is just a media thing.

I think if Claiborne falls he makes sense or even a big reach for Stephon Gilmore could be a surprise moment. I also expect them to really try to trade down again for more picks.

I don't hear any positives about Blackmon going into this draft. I think the general consensus is he is pretty good but he's done nothing to distinguish himself during the evaluation period.
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Originally posted by 9erred:
The Niners trade up in round 3 and grab brandon weeden. Makes no sense, but you want draft shockers.

I was just thinking this the other day. I feel like Harbaugh may have a Gruden-esque love of QBs. So while logically I don't expect the 49ers to draft a QB. If one slips and is sitting there at their pick - I fully expect them to pull the trigger on bringing in another young QB. Harbaugh loves competition, the team doesn't have a ton of holes if they can fill in with a lineman and receiver in rounds 1 and/or 2 it makes a lot of sense if you are a QB-accumulator like Gruden to take a shot on a QB. Obviously the team was willing to take a shot on Manning.
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Originally posted by pasodoc9er:
9ers got a 4th qB for a reason, and JJ is there because somebody(s) still wants Kap badly and wants him in exchg for moving up or in exchg for another 1st/2nd rd pick. Somehow Baalke snags both Zeitler and Fleener. Nah, that would be too much to ask for. But we did get a 4th QB for a reason....

Based on last yr, somebody already said it, we pass on Fleener and end up with somebody no one has heard of and he lights up the team. I don't think Aldon Smith was a lucky guess. They (B& H) knew.

Remember Parcells last year on an ESPN pre-draft show he gave you an entire spreadsheet of the average NFL player and their stats at each position, wingspan, height, weight, handsize etc. Baalke is supposedly a disciple of Parcells and we've heard McCloughan spout the same things from Ron Wolf (ie not drafting smaller WRs like Desean Jackson because the NFL is a big man's game.)

Aldon Smith strikes me as a unique talent with amazing wingspan, great height, ability to put on more weight. I think he looked more developmental to most last year and people were surprised how quickly he became a stud.

But if there is a random choice at 30, my best guess is it will be some player who is a bit of an outlier the measurables, someone who could be coached up and fit into the 49ers systems. I don't know who that is right now but I'm gonna go do some research.
Thinking more and more that Fletcher Cox to the Rams at 6, bypassing WR until later in the draft.
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
Thinking more and more that Fletcher Cox to the Rams at 6, bypassing WR until later in the draft.

i have a strange feeling of that too but i think the GM "fprces" fisher to take blackmon over fox who imo who fisher would take
Dunno if this is a wow moment but I am willing to bet Kendall Wright doesnt go in the 1st round
how will the whole draft look like when the vikings don't take kalil, which seemed to be a lock? and who could be trading partners?
Originally posted by AlmighT49er:
how will the whole draft look like when the vikings don't take kalil, which seemed to be a lock? and who could be trading partners?

The real question is what will Ponders x-ray's look like if the Vikings don't take Kalil. The dude is going to get murdered by defenses if the vikings pass on the best 0-lineman in the draft
Kalil falls out of the Top Ten

We take Ryan Tannehill
49ers pull a Belichik and trade #30 and #92 to the Eagles, Jets, Titans or Chargers for next year's #1 and this year's #2. That team sucks next year and we have a top 3 pick to go with our #32 pick next year. With all that, here is what the 49ers get.

1 - NONE
2a (mid round) - WR - Alshon Jeffrey
2b (ours) - RB - David Wilson
3 - NONE
4 - DL - Jared Crick
5 - CB - Coryell Judie
6 - C - Phillip Blake
7 - T - Levy Adcock

1a - QB - Matt Barkley
1b (#32 obviously) - RB - Marcus Lattimore
I'm not gonna even try and go past this.

Does all that qualify?
roger goodell falls off the stage but is caught jim harbaugh who teleported there instantly and is then awarded 2 extra first round picks
Patriots move up to get Ryan Tannehill. Convert him into obligatory white Patriots probowl receiver thats a product of Tom Brady.
trade picks for next years draft
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