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Charley Casserly's 2 round mock.

Has us taking Zeitler and Ta'amu. What do you guys think? Wouldnt be bad but not real exciting.
I'd be okay with that, I like both players actually.
Fine by me. We don't need exciting. We need good.
he has fleener going at #50 to the bears...
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I like zeitler. I'm surprised he has wright falling that far. Interesting mock
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Read this on Zeitler and Im sure yo u would be pumped.
I like replenishing the lines.
If we draft Zietler we will have 4 first round picks on that line.
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
he has fleener going at #50 to the bears...

Fleener going at #50 wow
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I don't like it. Stick with a WR in the 1st and an OG in the 2nd.

Zeitler will be tempting as he is a very physical guy who plays with attitude. Reading about him he seems to have really great experience at a high level. I can't imagine Fleener lasting that long but that's what makes all this so much fun. Can we beat the experts?
Originally posted by jimrat:
Read this on Zeitler and Im sure yo u would be pumped.

I found this part to be really interesting:

In 2011, one of the "rarest of rare" occurrences took place, a lineman grading 100 percent in a game more than once in the same season. Wisconsin offensive guard Kevin Zeitler attained that "perfect score" in the Indiana and Penn State contests. He joins Larry Allen of Division II Sonoma State (in 1993 vs. Cal-State Hayward and San Francisco State) and Southern California's Tony Boselli (in 1994 vs. Baylor, California and Arizona) as the only players in college annals (since blocking consistency grades were compiled by The NFL Draft Report beginning in 1985) to post more than one 100 percent blocking performance in the same season.

That's pretty impressive

I like both players but the Niners will jump on Kendall Wright if he's there at 30.
Originally posted by Kaz9er:
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
he has fleener going at #50 to the bears...

Fleener going at #50 wow

Everybody is so sure that if so and so is around at pick 30 we are going to draft that person. Like they know what Baalke and Jim Harbaugh is thinking and wanting. Reality is most are basing on what they think is needed and fits the niner. A lot of people are not basing it on if they fit the system. Or the attributes the F.O. are looking for. Well, we'll see. Cause we are still learning what Baalke is looking for. When Scott was the GM, he didn't pick DeSean or some other back like Hunter, not his type, but Baalke, many thought was a clone of Scott, because they wrongly had the line of thought-like father like son.

Here is something to ponder, although it was by another regime. Back in 2004, we traded back from pick 16 got some extra picks, then at pick 31chose Rashuan Woods, we also drafted another receiver in the third by the name of Hamilton. Needless to say, that didn't work out. In fact, someone should go back and check how many times we missed picking a receiver in the first. The same with DL. Some positions it is easier to hit on, others are harder.

We don't have a high pick and we are pretty solid, so it will be interesting for the first time and without desperation to see what Baalke pulls off. First time, he picked players we thought he would if they were available. The next year he picked a player that we didn't expect when others that people from the zone to the prognosticators were avail like Prince and the DL that was a year suspended wonder. Which way will he go?

Zeitler, I like because he if anything, fits the niners mauler run first image, plus he was an All American, so if not Decastro then him. However, if we can trade back three or four spots and pick up an extra pick I would love that even better, then use that extra pick to or the 5, 6, 7 to move up accordingly to nab the ones they want.
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