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Roster Projections and How that Impacts our Draft

was reading an article earlier about the possibility of us trading up and going more for quality than quantity, and it got me thinking about how are roster is shaping up. who wants to make some roster projections? who do you guys think are the locks? who do you guys think is on the bubble? where do you see potential roster spots available?
Locks (available spots)

Smith, Kapernick, Johnson

Gore, Hunter, Miller (Short Yardage Back)

Crab, Moss, Manningham, Ginn (1 Outside Receiver, 1 Slot)

Davis, Walker, Bynam (4th TE)

Staley, Iupati, Goodwin, Kilgore, Davis, Boone (Backup Center, Guard, Tackle)

Cowboy, Soap, Ray, RJF (Backup End, NT)

Smith, Bow, Willis, Brooks, Parys, Gooden (Back up ILB, Outside)

Los, Brown, Cully, Brock (1 Corner)

Goldson, Whitner, Spillman (2 Safties)

I think all of the skill positions will be wide open this summer. I see us adding another running back in the draft and letting Dixon, Jacobs, and the pick duke it out, letting Kyle Williams compete for the last receiver spot(s) with a bunch of guys to be brought in, and another Tight End for the Harbaugh offense.

All of the backup spots on the O-Line, save for Boone's swing tackle spot look to be open, though Kilgore will have to earn his spot as a starter. On the DLine, RJF is the only reserve who looks to be a sure thing, Dobbs, Ian, and Tuk will have to battle it out with the possibility of one or more guys being left in the cold.

Larry Grant's contract status leaves his spot up in the air though it does appear that he'll be back with the team, I do think the team won't chance it again with only 3 backers outside and should look to add a rookie to the mix. Linebacker in general might be a place that sees a lot of bodies brought in. We have a veteran unit with Aldon being the only pup, and seeing as he's transitioning into an every down player, young legs couldd be added to bolster the Special Teams.

Secondary spots will be up for grabs in the absence of Reggie Smith and Madieu Williams. There could be a premium on versatility, Corner's who can play Free Saftey, Safties who can play both spots, etc. There is a lot of flexibility in our scheme with interchangeable responsibilities based on assignments, and I expect guys to be brought in based on their ability to play multiple positions.
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