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Ollie Ols Sports "My 4ier Mock Draft"

Originally posted by 9moon:

2 Rbs is a no..especially when we already have 5 on the roster..1 one will be cut the other will play special teams.
Rb in the first wont happen because it would be a reach and def wont fill a need
James is smaller than Hunter, Tyler..well Injust dont like him lol.
Crick is a DE
I like the Jeff Fuller pick, I personally think he never gets any love, got overlooked due to injury and never was able to get the stock back up to the 1st round
Harris would be a steal in the 6th round. Had him in my mock,
But yeahh, check out the needs then check out player value, bust potential, and how well a player could develop and/or thrive in this system
James doesnt have the arm strenght to play lights out in the NFL. Penchant for losing the ball. Maybe in the 7th round if he is still there. If Tyler is anything like his father Wyndell, that would be a great pickup but he isnt. The draft picks 5-7 will have a very difficult time making the team. We are finally at the point where the BPA is a good pick at any draft spot.
Originally posted by 9erguy:
Originally posted by nickbradley:
The worst mock I've seen so far this offseason.

Wow. Punked by superposter fan nickbradley.... that is a new low.

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