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Would a team ever draft a player mainly to screw another team??

LOl. I like how these are all Fleener related.
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Dont worry about other teams, make your team better
A team is never going to draft a player they need just to screw over their rival. What they could do though is to trade with another team that needs that player and let them pick ahead of their rival. That I could see.
Niners pick ahead of the giants. this makes no sense at all
I could see Carroll doing it...just because he's that kind of coach. Typically, though, you move up to take the player you want, not to spite another team. WRT Fleener, Baalke may have to trade up to get him...same with the 2nd rd, if they want Zeitler or Osemele to upgrade RG, they may need to trade up to get them.
Another point an maybe the most important one.

There is WAY too much money involved for a team to lose focus on petty crap.
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