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MadDog's Big 253 Board- March 23rd Edition

Originally posted by ChaunceyGardner:
Nice read, I would jump on the Billy Winn bandwagon here also and think he goes higher. As you noted he bounced back at his pro day and the Boise guys are really well coached, nice class from them coming out.

Not high on Winn at all from an NFL standpoint. Clearly outmatched during Senior Bowl week. I almost felt bad for him since he struggled so badly. We will have to see what scouts think in the end. Love Doug Martin. Think he has a great NFL career ahead of him.
Nice read. I think i would switch Hightower and Upshaw.
Originally posted by SofaKing:
Nice job! This appears to be a very deep draft. I see a ton of intriguing prospects from 1-253. A lot of quality small school prospects as well.

It does look increasingly likely that an interior lineman could be the pick for us at #30. If that's the case, I hope Konz is available. We could plug him in at RG, and possibly shift him to Center in the future, but I'd be happy with Zeitler.

If we go d-line in the 2nd, I think the team would pick Crick over Ta'amu. The Niners never seem to have an interest in these 340-350 lb behemoth nose tackles. I'd love to have Crick as the heir to Justin Smith's throne.

I like seeing Fletcher Cox in the top 10 picks, best DT in the draft IMO.One of my personal favorite sleepers in the draft is S Kelcie McCray. I was hoping we could get him in the 6th-7th but you have him slated at #134! I could definitely see that happening though. Who wouldn't want a 6'2" 200 safety with 4.4 speed and ball skills? Could be a nice prospect to develop in case a long-term deal with Goldson cannot be reached.

Overall, great job as always. I always like your big boards better than draftcountdown, draftscout, espn, walterfootball, etc.

Thanks for the note.

Crick is a guy that was a superb college player, but appears to be a guy fitting exclusively in a 4-3 DE role. At 279 pounds, he doesn't have the girth to be an effective 5-technique guy. Even worse, 32" arms. That is a real problem for an edge guy.

I will cheer for him in the NFL, but I would really pass.

When looking at Carolina's 9th overall, the team desperately needs defense, and especially at DT. Not sure which guy will go here, but I think Cox's upside may be the kicker.

McCray is going to be a 4th-5th rounder. Way too much athleticism. I like him a lot as well.

Finally, drafting a star OL from Wisconsin almost always pans out. These guys come in pro-ready.
Originally posted by lamontb:
Nice read. I think i would switch Hightower and Upshaw.

It may happen. Upshaw appears to be a sinking rock.
Originally posted by ishkabibel:
MD - with Fleener running a 4.5 40 yesterday, I'm thinking he could be our WR rather than TE. Could you comment please.

Also, I was hoping OG at 61 from group of Zeitler, Washington, Osemele, Silatolu. Given your analysis looks like we'd need to trade up.

Lot of potential second round guards this year: Zeitler, Washington, Osemele, Silatolu. Each have their strengths and weaknesses. Osemele may end up a right guard in the end. His length is going to be intriguing for many teams early in the 2nd round.

Zeitler is acing the process going into the draft, and usually that plays out well in a career. To me, Washington is the guy with the biggest upside, but maybe a boom or bust player.

I doubt Fleener will be transitioned to WR. The transition almost always works the other way around. I just don't see the team pulling the lever for him.
Originally posted by nw9erfan:
MD.....Just wanted to say that I always appreciate the amount of work and time that goes into your Big Boards. They are a huge contribution to the Zone (for free!) and I just hope that the regulars here also appreciate them.


Thanks. Still a LOT of work to do. A LOT!!!!
Just looking at the guys who could be available to the Niners based on this, I might go with:

Rd 1 Coby Fleener TE
Rd 2 Brandon Brooks OG
Rd 3 Marvin Jones WR
Rd 4 Derrick Wolf DE
Rd 5 Quentin Salisbury C

I think the Niners would solidify their OL and DE and get a couple of weapons with Fleener and Jones.
If you knew this was the order, this would be my draft.

30 Fleener- after a good pro day, I doubt he will be available, but if he is, write it in blood (as steve young would say) harbaugh will draft him.
61- Alston WR south carolina
92 - Philip Blake C/G Baylor
125 Trevor Guyton DE Cal
162- Chris Owusu Wr Stanford
198- safety from San jose state
7th - Pat Schiller lb
Nice work Maddog, but I cant see the niners taking Zeitler in round 1. Not with Fleener,Perry, Reyes,L. Miller available. Not need picks but I think you could easily argue any for any of these players over Zeitler. Feel you on Upshaw dropping. Did not look smooth at the combine at all and has the smallest hands in the draft.WTH.
How I would go with the player available. Rounds 1-5
1. Fleener (obvious Coice)
2. Casey Hayward
3. Philip Blake-will be gone IMO, but we need more of a future center/guard
4.Greg Childs
5. Love the Duke pick.
once again nice job MD
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MadDog great job as always. Much appreciated.

I was using the value board from and Kevin Zeitler was #36. After trying various WRs and Fleener at #30, it dawned on me that Zeitler at RG would make an immediate impact. Most importantly, he would give Smith the time to throw some of those 5 step drops to Moss and Manningham which would open up the run, and the underneath routes.. And he is a mailer in the run game, so we could punish on the run. Love that pick.

BTW, has Alameda Ta'amu NT around our 3rd round pick, while you have him off the board at #61. Another impact player as a rookie.

Josh Norman in the third. Really like your first 3 rounds!

Much appreciated as always, one constuctive criticism would be puttnig Hill before Wright. Hills measurements are off the charts, but Wright was very impressive at his proday, is much more polished at this point in his routes, and breaks in & out of them on a dime. In my pretend GM opinion there just isnt enough film on the Hill showing things that are succesful at the NFL level to justify picking him over Wright that early.

Would definitly like the draft to fall that way cause I would dump my Fleener crush for Upshaw in a heartbeat and wave goodbye to Parys. But I dont see him or Barron lasting that long.
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
Not high on Winn at all from an NFL standpoint. Clearly outmatched during Senior Bowl week. I almost felt bad for him since he struggled so badly. We will have to see what scouts think in the end. Love Doug Martin. Think he has a great NFL career ahead of him.
MadDog, I completely agree on these two. Early when Winn's name kept popping up I decided to watch him in games and just thought he was way over rated.
Don't remember which game I watched that he was completely inaffective.
Love Martin and have been telling a buddy of mine, since the middle of last year, that I hope the Niners get him.
Thanks for the list as always. I can't imagine how much work that is.
Hey MD, always value your draft opinion, so wanted to know how you felt about Akiem Hicks.

I first noticed his size at the combine and started doing some research. I watched a 15 minute YouTube video that showed about 30 or so plays he was in on, and he was dominant. Everything I read says he has tons of potential. Now I also read somewhere that he has some character concerns, and from watching the videos you can tell his level of competition is horrible, so I have curbed my enthusiasm somewhat, but still do like him.

I see you got him pegged around rd. 5, but how do you personally feel about him?
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I like Dale Moss. You have him at 240.

Here is information I found on him.

Use a late round pick to draft Moss
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Originally posted by MadDog49er:
Originally posted by Wodwo:
Thanks for all the hard work, MD. Should be another interesting draft!

What's your thinking on having Chris Owusu ranked where you do considering his concussion problems?

Owusu was a guy I highlighted in my darkhorse WR picks a few months ago, but nobody knew he would run in the 4.3's at the combine. That being said, the history of concussions has to weigh on teams, so I do see a ceiling to his draft position. A sixth or seventh round selection make sense for a team.

I hope kid is good to go. I'm worried about him, but I'd like us to draft him. Wish I knew more about how he checked out medically. It's really tough with concussions because they're such a freak thing, but I'd like to hear that he's at least been evaluated as a lower risk with no signs of damage. I wonder how much they would spend on the testing for that... SPECT and PET scans aren't exactly cheap.

Thanks for the info, Bro.
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